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Also known as rucola or arugula, rocket is a strong, peppery salad leaf. Find out how to select and store rocket, plus our favourite recipe suggestions.

What is rocket?

Rocket is a very ‘English’ leaf, and has been used in salads since Elizabethan times. It has a strong, peppery flavour, and the leaves have a slight ‘bite’ to them. If you see ‘rucola’ or ‘arugula’ for sale or on a restaurant menu, it’s the same thing.


How to prepare rocket

Just rinse rocket and you’re ready to go.

How to cook rocket

Mix with other salad leaves; throw a handful on top of pasta or a pizza. You can also wilt it into pasta dishes or eggs – just add at the last minute to retain the peppery flavour.

Recipe suggestions:

Blitz into a rocket pesto to stir through pasta or spoon over mozzarella. Fold into a prawn, fennel & rocket risotto, or scatter over a mushroom, ricotta & rocket tart.

Egg & rocket pizzas are healthy and quick to make. Balsamic steaks with beetroot & rocket are easy but impressive.

How to store rocket

Store in the bottom part of your fridge, in brown paper or a perforated bag. It will last for a maximum of two days.

When is rocket in season?

Available year-round in supermarkets. Rocket is incredibly easy to grow, in fact, it could take over your whole veg patch.


Choose the best rocket

Look for perky dark-bright green leaves. Avoid those that look slimy, yellowed or browning, as they’re past their best.