Comfort food favourites

Discover warming soups, beautiful bakes and the best hot chocolate flavours of the season...
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Hot chocolate combinations

Hot chocolate combinations

Indulge in these irresistible chocolatey drinks to welcome in the colder months...
4 ways with pumpkin

4 ways with pumpkin

Make the most of your pumpkin this autumn with tips and tricks that the kids will love too.
Halloween biscuits

Halloween biscuits

These ghost-shaped piñata biscuits are fun to make and are the perfect Halloween treat.
8 luxury items to have in your cupboard

8 luxury items to have in your cupboard

Turn standard midweek meals into something extra special.

Next level cookies 4 ways

Indulge your inner cookie monster with four beautiful variations on a basic biscuit...

Top 5 slow cooker recipes

Sara's chilli con carne Recipe

Sara's chilli con carne


(39 ratings)

A plate serving slow cooker shepherd's pie Recipe

Slow cooker shepherd's pie


(0 ratings)

Slow-cook shepherd's pie and you'll be rewarded with succulent mince...
Mexican chicken stew Recipe

Mexican chicken stew


(113 ratings)

Bring a touch of Mexican flavour to your midweek meal with this low-fat, one-...
Thai beef curry Recipe

Thai beef curry


(24 ratings)

A spicy, authentic Thai green curry for your slow cooker that's ideal for...
A plate serving slow cooker lasagne Recipe

Slow cooker lasagne


(1 rating)

Slow cook your next lasagne for extra tender mince – and this version is...

Top 5 soup recipes

Roasted sweet potato & carrot soup Recipe

Roasted sweet potato & carrot soup


(47 ratings)

Bone broth Recipe

Bone broth


(5 ratings)

Packed with nutrients for healthy bones, hair and nails, this soup is made with...
Beetroot & onion seed soup Recipe

Beetroot & onion seed soup


(7 ratings)

A deep red autumnal soup that's low fat, vegetarian and full of flavour...
Pumpkin & bacon soup 2016 Recipe

Pumpkin & bacon soup


(12 ratings)

The soft, sweet flesh of the Crown Prince pumpkin is perfect for this silky...
Beef goulash soup Recipe

Beef goulash soup


(9 ratings)

A healthy, hearty soup based on the traditional Hungarian stew, with low-fat...
Be brave! Yorkshire puddings always look darker through the door than they actually are, leave until they look deep golden brown before opening the door, otherwise you will end up with pancakes