• neat and compact, no plugs needed – great for camping, measurements up the side of the bowl, easy to assemble, dishwasher safe, non-slip


  • not ideal for families, struggled to make a curry paste

Tefal Jamie Oliver Chop & Shaker

This manual mini chopper from Tefal is operated using a pull mechanism that sends the five blades inside the chopper spinning.


This chopper has a maximum capacity of 450ml, and the bowl and blades are both dishwasher safe for easy clean up.

How easy is the Tefal Jamie Oliver Chop & Shaker to use?

This mini chopper comes ready assembled, meaning there are no fiddly component parts to try and put together. It’s pretty intuitive to assemble so you’ll be able to use this in no time.

The pull mechanism is easy to use. Simply lock your fingers around the handle and pull. The handle is large enough to achieve a good grip and you don’t need to pull with much force to spin the blades fast. Depending on how hard you pull you can really temper the speed with which the blades spin.

Usefully, the main bowl features measurements up the side in 50ml increments.


We chopped a range of ingredients in this manual mini chopper, including onions, bread for breadcrumbs and herbs. We also made BBC Good Food’s Thai green curry paste to see how it coped with fibrous ingredients and making a paste.

We had to chop our onion up quite small in order to fit it in the chopper. We felt that by the time we’d cut the onion small enough we may as well have kept chopping. But if you’re after really finely minced onion for a curry or risotto, then this chopper gets the job done. It took around 10 pulls of the cord to produce the fine and even results we were after. Do bear in mind though that you’ll need to scrape the bowl down with a small spatula a couple of times.

This mini chopper struggled somewhat with light ingredients and small quantities. We found our day-old bread ended up being pushed around the bowl unless we really pulled on the cord very firmly. Even then, we weren’t able to chop the bread as finely as we’d have liked. We needed to use a very large handful of parsley (more than most recipes call for) to be able to chop it up. Like the breadcrumbs, we didn’t quite achieve even results.

Our Thai green curry paste wasn’t as consistently chopped as we’d hoped. When using the chopper blades alone we found all of our liquid ingredients sank to the bottom of the bowl. Using the bowl as a shaker helped the paste become more homogenous, but on the whole it wasn’t as smooth as a traditional paste.


This compact little manual mini chopper is easy to store and with no electrical elements, we think it’d be ideal for camping. For at home use, it’s better suited to couples or very small families.

It’s not suited to fine pastes or lighter ingredients, but for heavier foods, such as onions, carrots and celery, it’s great.


Components: lid, blades, 450ml bowl
Dimensions (cm): H: 13.1 x W: 10 x D: 11.2
Speed settings: manual
Wattage: NA
Colours: white/green

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