• lots of useful functions, bowl and lid are dishwasher and oven-safe, capacity markings on bowl


  • no recipes in manual

Crockpot is one of the most well-known names in the world of slow cooking. In fact, for some, the name is synonymous.


The TimeSelect is one of Crockpot’s more high-tech models. It comes with automatic cooking functions, as well as intelligent cooking tailored to the ingredients you’re using. For much-loved slow cooker recipes, there’s also a manual setting.

How easy is the Crockpot TimeSelect to use?

The TimeSelect has a generous 5.6 litre capacity, making it large enough for families or entertaining. It doesn’t take up too much room on the kitchen counter and its display screen is neatly designed with responsive buttons.

You’ll need to familiarise yourself with the manual before using this, as it’s a lot more technical than classic dial-operated models. There are four automatic cooking functions: meat, poultry, soup and vegetables. All you need to do is select the main ingredient, input the weight and set your desired finish time. The slow cooker will automatically calculate the best cooking time and temperature for the ingredients to get the very best out of them. The manual setting is easy to set up. After cooking, the TimeSelect automatically switches to a keep-warm setting.

The main ceramic bowl is reassuringly weighty, and for added versatility, it can go in the oven up to 250C. The bowl and lid are also dishwasher-safe for quick and easy clean-up.

We were disappointed by the lack of recipes in the manual. Given this is one of the more advanced models on the market, a little inspiration would have been useful.


We made a slow cooker beef stew in the TimeSelect. We used the automatic cooking function on the meat setting and set the slow cooker to finish just in time for dinner. All components of our stew were exactly what we were looking for: soft tender meat, fully cooked vegetables with a little bite, and a glossy, well-reduced sauce.

How sustainable is the Crockpot TimeSelect?

The manual clearly explains how and where to recycle the slow cooker after use. There's also contact details should you need replacement parts.

Unfortunately, the TimeSelect comes packaged in lots of plastic and polystyrene.


If you’ve got a little extra to spend, the TimeSelect is a fabulous choice of slow cooker that comes with lots of convenient features to make life easier.

We couldn’t fault the final stew. Once you understand how the functions work, setting this slow cooker up is easy. It’s sleek and attractive, and worth considering if you’re going to get lots of use out of the automatic settings.

Key specifications

Capacity: 5.6 litres
Size: HxWxD 29.3 x 41.2 x 25.4cm
Settings: low, high, auto
Pot: ceramic
Lid: glass and plastic
Dishwasher-safe components: pot and lid
Made in: China

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