• Large capacity, main pot can be used on the hob, simple design, dishwasher-safe pot


  • Carrots still a little firm, no recipes in manual

This simply designed slow cooker from slow cooking giant, Crock Pot, comes with a 3.5L or 6.5L capacity, two cooking temperature options as well as a keep-warm setting.


While many slow cookers we’ve tested come with a heavy-duty ceramic pot, the Sizzle & Stew’s pot is made from aluminium. This not only makes it a lightweight option but also means it can be used on the hob (gas and electric only).

How easy is the Crock Pot Sizzle & Stew to use?

Setting up this slow cooker is a doddle. All the parts slot into place with ease. The pared back control panel makes this slow cooker equally easy to use. There are no on/off switches, simply plug in the slow cooker and turn the dial to the desired setting. There are just two cooking settings to choose from (low or high) and the manual includes guidance on how to convert your much-loved recipes into ones suitable for slow cooking. For entertaining, there’s also a keep-warm setting.

The aluminium pot is lightweight and sits neatly on the hob. However, we found that because of the oval shape we weren’t able to heat the dish evenly. Nevertheless, we loved that the dish can double up as a serving dish, which meant we saved on washing-up and helped to contain the flavours.

For ease, the aluminium pot is dishwasher-safe.


After cooking, the beef in our slow cooker beef stew recipe was soft and tender. The sauce was well reduced and glossy. Although the carrots were vibrant in colour, we’d have liked them to be cooked a little more, as they had more of a bite than we were expecting.

How sustainable is the Crock Pot Sizzle & Stew?

This slow cooker is packaged in a significant amount of non-recyclable plastic and polystyrene, which was disappointing.

But the manual does include clear information regarding how and where to recycle the slow cooker after use, as well as contact details for Crock Pot, should you need spare parts.


A simple to use slow cooker that’s generous in capacity and perfect for entertaining. If the 6.5L model is likely to be too large for you, the Sizzle & Stew also comes in 3.5L.

The hob-suitable pot is a brilliant addition that not only saves on clean up time, but also keeps flavours locked in. Plus, it is lightweight, making it easy to carry from kitchen to table – just don’t forget the gloves!

Key specifications

Capacity (litres): 3.5, 6.5
Size (cm): HxWxD 25.5 x 30.5 x 42.5 (6.5L model)
Settings: low, high, keep warm
Pot: aluminium
Lid: glass and plastic
Dishwasher safe: pot
Made in: China

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