• Juiced leafy greens well, powerful, quiet, very efficient, versatile


  • Heavy, juicing nozzle moves around

Biochef Axis Cold Press Juicer summary

Biochef is a healthy living brand that specialises in a range of health appliances, like blenders, dehydrators and, of course, juicers.


This masticating slow juicer is a compact little device that powers through hard veg, leafy greens and fruit. It also comes with interchangeable filters for pasta, sorbet and sauces.

What was the Biochef Axis cold press juicer like to use?

Biochef provides a clear and concise manual to get you started. You’ll definitely need it because putting this model together isn’t particularly intuitive. Thankfully, a useful guide is provided to show you how to slot everything into place.

The feeding chute isn’t the largest, so you’ll need to chop ingredients into quite small pieces to fit it in. Usefully, the provided pusher helps to guide all the ingredients down the chute. Slow is the operative word with this juicer; it’s not like the speedy centrifugal juicers we’ve tested that process ingredients in seconds. This juicer takes its time to squeeze all of the juice out, which means you’ll also need to take your time when feeding the ingredients down.

We did notice some unsteadiness where the chute met the central screw. As items were fed down and processed, the plastic around the screw moved. If there was a slight blockage, some juice seeped through into the main unit too. The base of the juicer remained stable.

You can adjust the nozzle to determine how much pressure you'd like fruit and vegetables to be squeezed under, which in turn gives you control over how much pulp will be produced. Harder veg like carrots need a higher pressure than softer ones, for example. We set ours to the highest pressure.

Disassembling this juicer requires a bit of strength as everything is so well secured. But once we’d broken the unit down, clean up was a doddle. The items can be easily soaked to remove any debris, and the only part that needs any real attention is the filter, for which a brush is provided. Alternatively, the parts can be popped in the dishwasher, on the top rack only.


We made a kale, ginger, apple and carrot juice to put this model to the test. The juice wasn’t as totally smooth as we’d have liked as we noticed some texture to the juice. But, the juice was bright green in colour, indicating all of the kale had been processed, and we were able to taste all of the ingredients.

We checked the pulp bin and found it to be almost dry (showing maximum juice had been extracted); this was one of the drier pulp bins of all the juicers we’ve tested.

How sustainable is the Biochef Axis cold press juicer?

The manual doesn’t provide any information about recycling the juicer after use, but we were impressed to see a very lengthy 20-year warranty on the motor and a 10-year warranty on the parts. Should anything break, spare parts are available to purchase on the Vitality 4 Life website.

There are extensive recipes included in the manual and some of them even include the waste pulp.

Lots of plastic bags are used to package this juicer, which was disappointing to see. We hope that Biochef will move away from non-recyclables in favour of more sustainable options.


Quiet, powerful and efficient, you get a lot for your money, as well as six additional attachments, containers, a bespoke tamper and cleaning brush. With additional recipes to get you started, there’s a lot you can do with this juicer. We weren’t able to get super smooth juice, but we were encouraged to see that every last drop of juice was removed from our ingredients.

Key specifications

  • Dimensions (HxWxD): 38 x 18 x 33cm
  • Weight: 6.3kg
  • Wattage: 150 watt
  • Materials: stainless steel, plastic
  • Type of juicer: masticating
  • Dishwasher-safe components: yes
  • Made in: China

Juice recipes

Cucumber, apple & spinach juice
Carrot, clementine & pineapple juice
Fennel, blueberry & apple juice
Celery juice
Honeydew melon, cucumber & lime juice

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