• very compact, some elements can be washed in the dishwasher, dripper for liquids and oils


  • quite loud, could just about fit a small onion in the bowl

Kenwood mini chopper CH180A summary

This mini chopper from Kenwood is a neat and compact little machine. It’s self-contained with the motor taking up about as much space as the chopper bowl.


This model has two speeds: speed one (slower) is activated by pushing the control button halfway down and for speed two (faster) you have to push the control button all the way down. You can also pulse this button for extra control. This mini chopper has a maximum continuous run time of 10 seconds.

How easy is the Kenwood mini chopper CH180A to use?

We’re big fans of appliances that come ready assembled, like this Kenwood mini chopper. Even so, attaching the bowl to the base is pretty self-explanatory: it employs a simple twist and lock mechanism.

The bowl is small; it only has a working capacity of 150ml, so this model may not be suitable for large families or if you’re using it to prep for lots of people.

The two speed options however are a little less clear. Had we not read the manual; we wouldn’t have realised that there were even different options. The button is large, responsive and comfortable to hold down.

We thought the dripper indent in the lid was a clever and useful touch – useful for emulsions and mayonnaise. The bowl, lid and blades can all be washed in the dishwasher but should be placed on the top rack only. This model takes up barely any room on the kitchen counter and is equally easy to store away when not in use.


We chopped three basic ingredients in this mini chopper: onions, bread for breadcrumbs and herbs. We also made BBC Good Food’s Thai green curry paste to see how it coped with larger quantities of foods with different textures.

This model was fast when it came to chopping onions, even on the slower setting. The onions were evenly chopped and there was no mushiness – we’d advise keeping your eye on the bowl if you're looking for a coarser texture to avoid over-chopping. The bowl is small, and we were only able to fit one onion inside.

The results of our chopped breadcrumbs and herbs were fantastic. For both, this model was very quick, and produced fine, even results.

As with the other small mini chopper we tested, we had to reduce the recipe by two-thirds to make it fit inside the bowl. Despite this, this model breezed through fibrous lemongrass and ginger, producing a smooth paste. Because of the small capacity bowl, we didn’t have to scrape down the sides, which was a big plus.


Small, neat and compact, this Kenwood mini chopper is a great option if you’re short on space and are not looking to spend much. It’s got nifty features, like the oil dripper, and its petite size makes it a good choice for couples or small families.

It’s not the quietest model, but it’s fast so you only have to endure the sound for a couple of seconds. It’s great that it’s dishwasher-safe, making clean-up quicker and easier.


Components: lid, blades, 150ml bowl, chopper stand
Dimensions (cm): H: 19 x W: 11.8 x D: 14.5
Speed settings: pulse and continuous on two speeds
Wattage: 300
Colours: white, silver

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