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BakedIn Gingerbread House Kit, best gingerbread house ktis

The best gingerbread house kits to buy in 2020

Build a Christmas masterpiece in your own kitchen this season with the help of these gingerbread house kits, including vegan and gluten-free options.

Gingerbread can take many forms, but a decorated gingerbread house is a real festive spectacle. Every component of the 3D structure is edible, with baked gingerbread walls connected by icing and abundantly decorated with colourful treats.


When it comes to flavours of winter, aromatic cinnamon and ginger conjure a sense of warmth and comfort. With the help of a gingerbread kit, you can create a festive centrepiece in your own kitchen.

Our festive favourites below include ready-to-assemble gingerbread house kits, which arrive with pre-baked components accompanied by icing and sweet treats for decoration, and those with dry ingredients and recipe cards for baking the gingerbread at home. There are some award-winning vegan and gluten-free options, too.

If you’re starting from scratch, BBC Good Food’s Lulu Grimes will walk you through how to make gingerbread along with offering her top tips for cutting, shaping and decorating the dough.

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The best gingerbread house kits

BakedIn Gingerbread House Kit, best gingerbread house kits

Bakedin gingerbread house kit

In theory, the design of this gingerbread house should make it one of the simplest to construct. The recipe itself is by Michel Roux OBE and the kit features all the dry ingredients and butter to measure, a step-by-step recipe card, baking paper and sweets to decorate the house with. The instructions are also online which is a handy back-up if the recipe card gets marked by messy fingers.

Available from BakedIn (£8)

Glitterbug Bakery vegan and gluten free gingerbread house kit, best gingerbread kits

Vegan and gluten-free gingerbread house kits, Glitterbug Bakery

For anyone with specific dietary requirements, it can be hard to find delicious gingerbread kits to build at home. The Glitterbug Bakery have an entirely separate kitchen in which to make their free-from bakes without risk of cross-contamination. They offer gluten-, wheat- and dairy-free gingerbread house kits, ready to decorate with sweet treats of your choice. Featured are the pre-baked house parts, a cake board, icing bag and full instructions for assembling it at home. Vegan royal icing will be available on request and the team can work around other dietary requirements, for example, allergies to soya.

Available from the Gitterbug Bakery (£20)

Honeywell Biscuit Company Gingerbread House Kit, best gingerbread kits

Honeywell Biscuit Company gingerbread house kit

This one begins with making and baking the gingerbread, making it a a great project for kids (and adults!) who love cooking. A template, recipe card, icing and sweets are all included with a few extras to nibble on during the build. There’s also the option to gift-wrap the kit if you’re buying as a present.

Available from Honeywell Bakery (£20)

TKK Confectionary gingerbread train kit

Gingerbread train kit, TKK Confectionary

For any transport-loving kids, this gingerbread train kit is a great alternative to the traditional house, at a very reasonable price for the quantity. Dry ingredients for making the dough are included, as is the icing mixture and guides for baking the shapes – all that’s required from you is an egg to beat in and an oven.

Available from Joules (£10)

Favorina Gingerbread House Kit, best gingerbread house kits

Favorina gingerbread house kit, Lidl

We love both the design and the price of the Favorina gingerbread house kit. Available to buy in Lidl stores, the kit contains the pre-baked gingerbread house parts, along with icing sugar for use as the cement, plus sugar decorations and fruit jelly sweets. Lidl has a great reputation for its gingerbread.

Available from Lidl (£4.99)

Dolce Senso Gingerbread House kit, best gingerbread house kits

Gingerbread house DIY kit, Dolce Senso

You can make two smaller gingerbread houses with this kit, so it’s a good choice for families with more than one child. Combine the dry ingredients with eggs, butter and molasses or treacle and use the paper templates to cut out each house element. Sweets are included for decoration, as is the icing with a piping bag. The kits can also be personalised on ordering.

Available from Dolce Senso (£18.50)

Winter Wonderland gingerbread house kit

Winter Wonderland Gingerbread House Kit

In theory, this kit should be easy to assemble thanks to the interlocking design of its walls and chimney, but slightly older and dexterous children would have the best chance of making sure each piece won’t get broken. Once unpacked, it can be instantly assembled and and a marshmallow snowman, glittered star and a sugar paste partridge for extra festive detailing are among the sweets for decoration. The brand gets extra points for its biodegradable packaging and vacuum packed components.

Available from Village Workshop (£25)

Biscuiteers gingerbread house kit, best gingerbread house kits

The Biscuiteers DIY pre-baked gingerbread kit

Presented in an ornately decorated square-edged tin, The Biscuiteers gingerbread house kit is a high end treat ready to assemble and suitable for the whole family. Inside you’ll find the brand’s twice-baked gingerbread house pieces, described as having the snap of gingerbread with the crumble of shortbread. Royal icing sugar, piping bags and an assortment of colourful decorations are also included. Alternatively, the brand’s gingerbread Christmas Baubles DIY Tin could make a fun Christmas activity.

Available from The Biscuiteers (£35)

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