• cordless, BPA-free 800ml blending jug, dishwasher-safe attachments, two-year manufacturer guarantee


  • no storage/charging stand, small-capacity mini chopper (250ml), single speed

Cuisinart Cordless Pro hand blender RHB100U summary

Cordless hand blenders afford you a flexibility that far exceeds those that are tethered to a plug. At just under £100, the Cuisinart is a relatively affordable step-up from your traditional hand blender, and offers the same versatility without the limit of a cord.


On a full charge, the brand states you will get around 30 minutes continuous use, which we estimate equates to a full afternoon of sporadic use when preparing recipes.

First impressions

The hand blender is very contemporary and feels like a gadget. On arrival it's recommended that you charge it fully before first use – this took half an hour because the battery arrives partially charged.

The plug is accompanied by a USB charging cable with a micro USB charging port that plugs into the back of the main unit. Three digital indicator lights become visible when the blender is fully charged. A full charge of its lithium battery should take just over two hours from empty.

Thankfully its instruction manual is both comprehensive and concisely presented. It even offers tips to combine with the recipe booklet that also accompanies the gadget.

Each accessory twists and locks on to the main shaft where there are small indicators that align to act as guides.

The BPA-free blending beaker has handy measuring markers in both ml and oz metrics which saved us getting out an additional measuring jug for smoothie ingredients.

Cuisinart have added additional safety features to help mitigate the potential variables of use in a busy household. There's a safety lock that automatically engages when the power button is released for more than 1.5 seconds. To reactivate the blender, the safety button must be held down.

Cuisinart Cordless Pro Hand Blender charger

Cuisinart Cordless Pro hand blender test results

A lower-watt motor means that the battery has less to fuel, so at 500w, on paper it's one of the least powerful of those we've tested. However, it hid this well. The frozen super berry smoothie recipe was smooth just as it should be, blitzed quickly and efficiently. The mayonnaise we made had a silky consistency.

Whipping cream or egg whites takes a bit longer, so it was nice to have the flexibility to move around the kitchen with this. The size of the whisk was larger than any others tested, which is really efficient but means little wiggle room when whipping in the beaker. It's also quick so we recommend wearing an apron.

The mini chopper is also small, great for herbs and sauces, not so much for bulk blitzing vegetables but it handled the onion easily with its super-sharp blades.

Although the display is digital, cleaning the component parts is particularly easy. All detach, can be rinsed then placed on the top rack of the dishwasher. The parts are built for life-use. Handily, the mini chopper is just right for stacking in the top of the beaker for easy storage.

Verdict on the Cuisinart Cordless Pro hand blender set

For a cordless hand blender, the Cuisinart is an affordable, versatile and good looking gadget that handles food with ease. At 250ml, the chopper could be bigger – in this sense, it does not fulfil the job of a food processor in the way that, for example, the Smeg hand blender would, but for recipes that only require small capacity containers like classic pesto and spice paste, it more than meets the requirements.

Cuisinart Cordless Pro hand blender specifications

Attachments: blending shaft, BPA-free 800ml blending jug, whisk attachment with 'gearbox' and 250ml mini chopper
Wattage: 500W
Blade material: stainless steel
Speed options: eight speed options with a pulse button for max power
Manufacturer guarantee: two years
Recipe booklet included
Battery indicator light included

Recipes and tips

How to make mayonnaise
Super berry smoothie

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