Gone are the days when the only snacks available were crisps and biscuits. Now, more and more brands are focusing on nutritious, portable food made with natural ingredients. Whether sweet or savoury, they're a good option for keeping you sustained between meal times.


We've tried and tested an array of snacks for on-the-go eating, perfect for everything from park trips with the kids to an after-gym pick-me-up or elevenses at home. Included in our round-up are vegan, gluten free, low carb, low sugar, ketogenic and nut-free options, and all are available either online or in selected supermarkets.

For more inspiration, check out our homemade healthy snacks where you'll find recipes such as melon & crunchy bran pots and lighter scotch eggs. To inspire your diet generally, browse our list of healthy recipes for dairy-free, 5:2 diet or gluten-free recipes. For a more holistic approach to your diet, we have recipes that are brain-boosting, cholesterol-friendly or incorporate more whole foods.

40 healthy snacks to buy in 2022

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Love, Corn – smoked BBQ


Super crunchy, these corn kernels have a smoky-sweet barbecue coating that, unlike many barbecue flavoured snacks, aren’t high in sugar or salt.

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Available from:
Sainsbury's (£2)
The Vegan Kind (£1.20)
Harvey Nichols (£3.50)

Shore seaweed chips


With a prawn cracker texture and deep flavour, these 'seaweed chips' are a great source of iodine. It's an important nutrient for vegans and also supports thyroid health, which helps keep cells healthy and regulates metabolic rate.

Available from:
Amazon - 12 pack (£24)
The Vegan Kind (£o.99)

Eat Real Veggie Straws


These veg sticks are great for those with allergies – they're free from all detectable allergens and are also suitable for vegans. Expect a good snap and a salty flavour.

Available from:
Holland &Barrett (£1.89)
Sainsbury's (£2)



100% cheese, Cheesies are like a ketogenic popcorn alternative. Available in different cheese varieties, they are baked until crunchy and have a very low carb count. Handily, the rennet used is vegetarian.

Available from:
Amazon - six pack (£18)
Holland & Barrett (£2.89)

Mister Free’d blue tortilla chips


Strikingly purple-blue in colour, these corn tortilla chips are gluten free and completely natural. They have a slightly sweeter flavour than their yellow counterparts, but are just as good for dipping. Check out our collection of healthy dips to accompany them (though they are perfectly good on their own).

Available from:
Planet Organic (£1.79)
Ocado (£2)

Salted plantain chips


Thick-cut, these plantain chips have a good crunch and light salty seasoning with a high fibre and potassium content.

Available from:
Planet organic (£1.99)
Ocado (£2)

Keto raw rosemary cracker snacks


A keto-friendly alternative to crackers, these rosemary chips have a good snap and a sturdy structure that holds up with cheese or dips. Packed with linseed, they also have a high protein count. Want to find more foods suitable for the ketogenic diet? Read our top 10 foods to try on a ketogenic diet.

Available from:
8foods (£2.65)

Itsu crispy seaweed thins – wasabi


Wafer-thin seaweed sheets are dusted in wasabi for a salty, hot snack that's high in B12 and iodine. Ideal for vegans.

Available from:
Holland & Barrett (£2.19)
Amazon (£11.95)
Sainsbury's (£2)

KetoKeto Crunch Puffs – Thai sweet chilli


Enjoy an easy keto snack with these puffs that have a sweet chilli coating. They are low in carbs but high in protein, and are gluten free.

Available from:
Planet Organic (£2.59)

Brave roasted chickpeas – sea salt


Salty and crunchy, these roasted chickpeas are high in protein and fibre. But they contain less calories than popcorn.

Available from:
Planet Organic (£2.49)
Amazon - 12 pack (£11.99)

Other Foods okra chips


Paleo-friendly, these unique okra ‘lady fingers’ count as one of your five-a-day and only contain natural ingredients.

Available from:
Ocado (£2.50)
Holland & Barrett (£2.69)

Planet Organic cheezy kale popcorn


Keto-friendly and vegan but with a distinct ‘cheesy’ flavour, these kale chips are light and crunchy.

Available from:
Planet organic (£1.99)

Rude Health cornitas – black bean


A mix of black bean and corn, these chips are popped rather than fried, keeping them low in saturated fats.

Available from:
Planet organic (£2)
Amazon - pack of 8 (£22.94)

Deliciously Ella – beetroot and multiseed chips


Coloured pink from the beetroot, these chips are packed with crunchy nigella, chia and poppy seeds. They are vegan friendly and a great source of fibre.

Available from:
Planet Organic (£2)
Waitrose (£1.99)

Good4u Veggie Protein – salt 'n' pepper multipack


These super shots are made from three types of beans: fava, edamame and yellow pea, which have all been roasted and seasoned with salt and pepper. Good for on the go, they are also gluten free and vegan.

Available from:
Ocado (£3.25)


Urban Fruit coconut chips


These crunchy coconut crisps are simply sprinkled with sea salt and some coconut blossom nectar. Plus they're gluten free and vegan.

Available from:
Ocado (£2.75)
Tesco's (£2.75)

Boundless nuts and seeds


Contains pecan nuts, almonds, pumpkin and sunflower seeds with an orange, ginger and maple flavour. They are naturally gluten free and contain no soya or dairy.

Available from:
Holland & Barrett (£4.39)
Amazon - 12 pack (£12.99)

Munchy Seeds – roasted warm cinnamon


Tossed in sugar and cinnamon, these pumpkin and sunflower seeds make a more substantial alternative to popcorn, but also top porridge and smoothie bowls nicely. These seeds are a good source of vitamin E, are gluten free and are suitable for vegans.

Available from:
Amazon - pack of 12 (£8.50)
Ocado (£2.50)

Kallo rice and corn cakes – blueberry and vanilla


These low-calorie rice cakes are the perfect base for a sweet snack. Top with yogurt and fruit for a substantial but healthy dessert.

Available from:
Amazon (£1.19)
Sainsburys (£1.50)

Nairn's oat biscuits – coconut & chia


Made from coconut and chia, these low-sugar oat biscuits are vegan and high in fibre with no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives. A more nutritious alternative to your average digestive biscuit.

Available from:
Holland & Barrett (£1.65)
Waitrose (£1.40)

Planet Organic salted caramel popcorn


For an organic treat, this salted caramel popcorn is made using coconut sugar, oil and Himalayan pink salt.

Available from:
Planet Organic (£0.99)

Brave dark chocolate chickpeas


Roasted chickpeas turn sweet with a layer of velvety dark chocolate. They contain 4g of fibre and protein per portion and are perfect for on-the-go snacking.

Available from:
Ocado (£2.99)
Planet Organic (£2.99)

Nu:tropic bar - salted caramel flapjack

variety of nutropic bars in different flavours

Fortified with brain-boosting nutrients like omega-3 DHA, choline, prebiotics and phosphatidylserine, these oaty snack bars taste more like a homemade flapjack than a health bar. They're high in fibre, low in sugar and at just under 200 calories per bar, they really satisfied our late afternoon hunger pangs.

Available from:
Taster box - 4 bars (£12.99)
Salted caramel box - 12 bars (£34.99)

KetoKeto biscuit bar – cocoa hazelnut


A keto treat, this biscuit bar is low in net carbs but high in fat. It has a sweetness from the hazelnuts and cocoa powder but it contains no sugar. It still has a good amount of carbohydrates (11g per 50g bar).

Available from:
Planet Organic (£2.09)

Brave roasted peas – chocolate & salted caramel


British-grown peas are roasted and coated in chocolate and salted caramel for a travel-friendly dessert.

Available from:
Planet Organic (£1.19)
Ocado (£1.25)
Amazon - pack of 12 (£11.69)

Cocos organic coconut milk kefir – strawberry


Naturally high in saturated fat, this coconut kefir (a fermented milk drink) mixed with sweet strawberry has billions of live active kefir cultures, which are immune supporting. Read more about kefir in our article on the top 4 health benefits of kefir.

Available from:
Abel & Cole (£2.80)
Planet Organic (£3.25)
Ocado (£2.60)

Nush almond yogurt – raspberry


Made from almonds and raspberry purée, this yogurt is thick and dairy free. Eat on its own or add to granola. It also has live vegan cultures, which are good for the gut.

Available from:
Planet Organic (£3.09)
Waitrose (£3)

Nourish mini coconut macaroons – raspberry


Combining freeze-dried raspberries and cacao butter for a white chocolate flavour, these macaroons are hand-made with all-natural ingredients.

Available from:
Planet Organic (£4.31)
Natures healthbox (£4.99)

Rude Health ginger and turmeric oaty biscuits


The earthiness of turmeric and brightness of ginger combine with oats to make golden, wheat-free biscuits.

Available from:
Planet Organic (£2.75)
Amazon - pack of 4 (£9.99)

BEAR Yo Yos – super sour strawberry & apple


A great alternative to sour sweets, these super sour BEAR Yo Yos have naturally occurring sugars and zing from the strawberry, apple purée and lemon juice. Perfect for kids and adults alike.

Available from:
Amazon - pack of 18 (£16.48)
Waitrose (£2.45)
Morrissons (£2.40)

Benefit chocolate


Enriched with 12 key vitamins, a 40g portion of this dark chocolate gives you 50% of your recommended daily intake of key vitamins including vitamin A, D, B12, E and C, which all contribute to the normal functioning of the immune system. Luckily, the overall feel and taste is not affected it's a dark, smooth chocolate.

Available from:
Ocado (£3)
The benefit brand (£3.50)



Keeping their cacao un-roasted preserves the healthy plant compounds (polyphenols) and ensures their chocolate stays nutrient-rich and flavourful. This dairy-free chocolate bar has floral, jasmine-like notes as well as added gut-friendly live cultures.

Available from:
Ocado (£2.10)
Ethical Superstore (£1.99)
Planet Organic (£1.99)

Pulsin Keto Bar – orange chocolate and peanut


Pulsin’s orange chocolate bar is full of crunchy peanuts and pea protein, providing 13g of protein per bar. There is also added MCT (a ketone-boosting fat), great for those on a low-carb diet.

Available from:
Holland & Barrett (£1.99)
Planet Organic (£2)

Keto8 raw cacao morsels


With a strong chocolate taste and soft texture, these cacao morsels are both keto and paleo friendly, as well as being free from grains, gluten, yeast and dairy.

Available from:
Planet Organic (£6.99)

Urban Fruit gently baked raspberries


100% waste free, these raspberry fruits are gently baked at low temperatures to maintain nutrients and flavour. They are high in fibre, gluten free, vegan, kosher and count as one of your five-a-day.

Available from:
Ocado (£1.75)

Scrapples apple crisps


Eat one of your five-a-day in crisp form with these apple crisps made with whole apples and no added sugar.

Available from:
Amazon - 30 pack (£19.99)
Ocado (£0.65)

Urban Fruit immune fruit bites


A good source of vitamin A, these bites are made from blended bits of mango, baobab and ginger.

Available from:
Tesco (£3)
Waitrose (£3.10)
Ocado (£2.80)

Livia's salted caramel million squares

Livia's Salted Caramel Million Squares

For those times when you need something heavy and indulgent, but you're really trying to be healthy, these salted caramel squares won't disappoint. The package is satisfyingly heavy and the dense salted date caramel centre is wonderfully balanced with a crumbly oat base and a thick layer of dark chocolate on top.

Available from:
Boots (£1.59)
Planet Organic (£1.89)
Tesco (£3.50)

Deliciously Ella salted almond caramel cups


Mimicking peanut butter cups, these salted almond caramel cups have a gooey caramel centre, a thin chocolate layer and an oat cup base. They are a natural source of fibre and are totally vegan. Expect all-natural ingredients, too.

Available from:
Ocado (£1.50)
Holland & Barrett (£1.69)
Tesco (£1.50)

Nakd raw fruit & nut bars – cocoa orange


Mashing together dates, cashews, raisins, cocoa and orange, these Nakd bars are a sweet chocolaty bite.


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