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  • Chicory cups with prawns & mango

    Chicory cups with prawns & mango

    A star rating of 4 out of 5.3 ratings

    Juicy prawns pair beautifully with sweet mango and crunchy leaves in this simple canapé, finished with lemon juice and coriander

  • Sprouts with crispy prosciutto

    Sprouts with crispy prosciutto

    A star rating of 5 out of 5.2 ratings

    Dress simply steamed or boiled Brussels sprouts with butter, lemon and crispy prosciutto for a gluten-free side dish for a festive dinner

  • Winter spiced sweet & sour braised red cabbage in a small pink dish

    Winter spiced sweet & sour braised red cabbage

    A star rating of 5 out of 5.1 rating

    Add mulled spices – red wine, cinnamon and star anise – to red cabbage to make it extra-festive. This makes a great side dish for a Christmas feast

  • Cranberry & marmalade sauce

    Cranberry & marmalade sauce

    A star rating of 4.5 out of 5.2 ratings

    A homemade cranberry sauce with little flecks of peel from the marmalade for lovely bursts of citrus - easy to make in just 15 minutes

  • A bowlful of pickled red cabbage with walnuts & apple

    Pickled red cabbage with walnuts & apple

    A star rating of 5 out of 5.3 ratings

    Serve this festive pickled red cabbage with cold cuts and sausage rolls on Boxing Day and beyond. It also makes a fantastic side dish for Christmas Day

  • Five Christmas tree meringues

    Christmas tree meringues

    A star rating of 0 out of 5.0 ratings

    Make these cute Christmas trees for a festive party. Made with meringue and topped with hundreds and thousands, kids will love helping to make them

  • Cheese & pineapple canapés served on a plate

    Cheese & pineapple canapés

    A star rating of 5 out of 5.1 rating

    Spruce up cheese and pineapple with these tasty halloumi, sesame and mint canapés. Perfect for entertaining, they use just four ingredients

  • Funky fudge

    Funky fudge

    A star rating of 4.4 out of 5.3 ratings

    Don't stick to standard flavours for homemade fudge - try these combinations of sweet with salty and zesty with fiery black pepper

  • Ice cream bomb on plate

    Christmas pudding ice cream bombe

    A star rating of 0 out of 5.0 ratings

    Wow dinner guests with this stunning gluten free ice cream bombe for dessert. It's a great way to use up leftover Christmas pudding – and it's surprisingly easy to make!

  • Celeriac & comté fritters served with a quail's egg and a side salad

    Celeriac & comté fritters

    A star rating of 0 out of 5.0 ratings

    Give brunch a sophisticated twist with celeriac, comté cheese and crunchy pumpkin seed fritters topped with quail's eggs

  • Klump served in a casserole dish


    A star rating of 4 out of 5.1 rating

    Try this German-inspired dish, packed with potatoes, bacon, pears and kale. It's a great way to get through leftovers – swap the bacon for ham if preferred

  • Sunday morning baked eggs

    Sunday morning baked eggs

    A star rating of 2.6 out of 5.7 ratings

    These creamy, indulgent eggs are baked in individual ramekins with cream, cheese and tarragon - perfect for a lazy weekend brunch

  • Cranberry, maple & pecan pudding

    Cranberry, maple & pecan pudding

    A star rating of 4 out of 5.5 ratings

    Dairy-free, wheat-free and gluten-free - this Christmas pudding is moist and has a real zing. A less rich, more refreshing way to round off Christmas dinner

  • Vegan eggnog in glasses

    Vegan eggnog

    A star rating of 4 out of 5.4 ratings

    Nothing says Christmas like eggnog! Our vegan version uses dates, cashews and apricots, plus almond milk and brandy to reinvent this classic festive tipple

  • Gingered rich fruit cake

    Gingered rich fruit cake

    A star rating of 5 out of 5.8 ratings

    This traditional cake has been jazzed up with lots of ginger - you'd never know it's gluten-free and dairy-free. Perfect for weddings and Christmas

  • Sticky ginger-glazed ham hocks on a chopping board

    Sticky ginger-glazed ham hocks

    A star rating of 5 out of 5.1 rating

    Fan of glazed gammon at Christmas? By using ham hocks, the meat is more affordable and you get a higher ratio of glaze to meat – a win win!

  • Flourless chocolate & pear cake

    Flourless chocolate & pear cake

    A star rating of 4.8 out of 5.94 ratings

    A light, but luscious cake made with hazelnuts - serve a slice for dessert with a dollop of crème fraîche

  • Several mince pies topped with pastry star and crumble

    Gluten-free mince pies

    A star rating of 3.8 out of 5.17 ratings

    These deliciously crunchy, crumble-topped mince pies cater for gluten-free and egg-free diets. Perfect with a cup of tea or glass of mulled wine

  • A bowl serving sloe gin cranberry sauce

    Sloe gin cranberry sauce

    A star rating of 4.8 out of 5.4 ratings

    No festive meal is complete without cranberry sauce. Try this version, which includes sloe gin for a modern twist on the classic Christmas relish

  • Zimtsterne (Cinnamon stars)

    Zimtsterne (Cinnamon star cookies)

    A star rating of 4.3 out of 5.18 ratings

    Edd Kimber creates a version of these German spiced cookies- they're chewy, crisp and similar to an almond macaroon

  • Best ever roast duck

    Best ever roast duck

    A star rating of 3.5 out of 5.2 ratings

    Indulge in Tom Kerridge's ultimate roast duck at Christmas, with seasonal clementines and oranges. Serve with duck-fat roasties, watercress and gravy