Top 10 Mother's Day treats for kids to make

With a little help, the smallest of hands can create something homemade and truly scrumptious...

Lemon & blueberry cake

It might be tradition for kids to knock up a little inedible surprise on Mother's day - in my house it was always "so good it had to be saved until later". But with a little help, the smallest of hands can create something homemade and truly scrumptious.

Pancake toppingBreakfast in bed

Breakfast in bed is a classic winner as mum can have a much-deserved lie in while the kids help out in the kitchen...

Emily's plate-sized pancakes

Who can resist a generous, fluffy pancake? Let the kids get busy choosing and setting out a variety of toppings - blueberries, bananas and maple syrup are some of our favorites, it is Mother's Day after all...

Emily's plate-sized pancakes recipe and more topping ideas

FrittataEasy cheesy frittata

This simple but scrummy recipe is designed to get children aged 5-9 involved in the kitchen - you can sit back and watch them knock up a relaxed, celebratory brunch, well almost.

Easy cheesy frittata recipe

St Clement's rise and shine

This refreshing juice is bound to make breakfast that extra-bit special, serve in a pretty jug on a tray for that added sparkle.

St Clement's rise and shine juice

Baked dippy eggsBaked dippy eggs

This fun, easy recipe has been specially created for children aged 3-6, so you can be kitchen assistant to their head chef - just remember to tow the line or you might find yourself sacked from the kitchen.

Baked dippy eggs recipe


Not much can beat a homemade gift, and if anyone is going to appreciate a self-made creation it has to be mum. Help the kids spoil her with an afternoon tea of homemade cakes or get them busy in the kitchen whipping up truffles and treats.

Chocolate brownie cake

Our fail-proof chocolate brownie cake takes just minutes to make, and the whole family will love this gooey, chocolate treat - just make sure mum gets the biggest slice.

Chocolate brownie cake

Tutti-frutti rounds

These pretty tutti-frutti rounds will look lovely in a homemade gift box, and they don't involve any cooking so kids will have a blast creating these from start to finish.

Tutti-frutti rounds recipes

Bitter chocolate truffles

These decadent truffles look beautiful, take just minutes to prepare and don't involve any cooking - try experimenting with different coatings for the creative young cook.

Bitter chocolate truffles recipe

Lemon curd & blueberry loaf cake

This fruity, springtime cake only needs twenty minutes of preparation - so should keep short-attention spans fixed. Kids will love burying the blueberries in the batter too.

Lemon curd & blueberry loaf cake recipe

Easy fluffy sconesEasy fluffy scones

No afternoon tea would be complete without some generously buttered scones with lashings of cream and jam - this simple recipe can be rustled up in no time and kids will love stamping out the scones and painting them with egg wash.

Easy fluffy scones recipe

For more recipe ideas check out our Mother's Day collection, as well as our recipe collection for kids cooking.