Marble-effect paper chains hung on a wall

How to make marble-effect paper chains

Deck the halls at Christmas with DIY marble-effect paper chains. These elegant chains are dyed with a surprise ingredient: pickled beetroot.

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For this craft you will need:

  • a few sheets of thick paper (any size will do)
  • liquid from a jar of pickled beetroot
  • paint brush
  • stapler or glue

Total time:

Makes 1 large chain

Step 1

Lay a sheet of paper (it should be thick, but not as thick as card) in a baking tray. Tip the pickling liquid from the beetroot jar into a jug, then fill a separate jug with water.

Step 2

Use a paint brush to alternately swirl the water and pickling liquid over the paper for a marbled effect, trying not to saturate it too heavily. You can achieve more intense colour by using pure beetroot juice and an occasional dot of water to diffuse it. Transfer the paper to a wire rack and leave to dry overnight. Once dry, you can repeat the process, which will intensify the colour.

Step 3

Cut the marbled paper into 3 x 20cm strips. Form one strip into a ring, staple or glue to secure, then thread another strip through the ring, bring its ends together and secure it. Repeat until you have a long paper chain.