Christmas is the perfect time for homemade crafts, whether you need to keep the kids occupied or are looking for a cosy evening project to help you get into the festive spirit. There's no need to shell out on expensive ingredients as these easy projects make use of everyday items and storecupboard staples.


Make some salt dough shapes or dried citrus slices to hang from the Christmas tree. Or furnish your table with a fragrant festive centrepiece and glittery homemade snow globe. Kids will also love getting involved in activities such as fake snow, potato stamps and popcorn bunting. Need some inspiration for Christmas gifts? Our tea Advent calendars and meringue candy canes are sure to impress.

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1. Dried orange & lemon slices


Add a burst of citrus to your Christmas tree decor. These dried orange & lemon slices are super-easy to make – just bake them in the oven for a couple of hours then package with the garnishes of your choice. We suggest a fragrant mixture of cinnamon sticks, bay leaves, rosemary sprigs or cardamom pods.

Dried orange & lemon slices

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2. Salt dough decorations

Salt dough Christmas tree and star decorations on red ribbons

With just a few everyday kitchen ingredients, you can create a collection of beautiful decorations to hang on the Christmas tree. Firstly make our basic salt dough, then cut it into festive shapes such as trees, snowflakes and stars using biscuit cutters. After baking, you can decorate them as you like – we found acrylic paint works best.

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3. Festive candle centrepiece

Decorative orange, walnut and holly base for Christmas candle

Deck out the Christmas table with a colourful candle centrepiece to impress your guests. At its base is an assortment of clove-studded clementines, holly leaves, walnuts and spices. These are simple to arrange and will smell absolutely divine – just remember to wear gloves for the holly.

Festive candle centrepiece

4. Tea Advent calendar

A festive tea advent calendar on string

If you know somebody who loves a cuppa, this tea-tastic Advent calendar will make the perfect gift. Use loose-leaf tea to mix up your own flavours, then package them in numbered paper bags or containers to create a DIY Advent calendar. Add brewing instructions and label the teas if you wish, though we think it's more fun to leave it as a surprise!

Tea Advent calendar

5. Paper snowflake

Paper snowflake held down with hands

Create your own beautiful paper snowflake with a bespoke geometric pattern. One of the simplest crafts to make, all you need are paper, scissors and a sprinkle of festive spirit. Younger kids can get involved using safe scissors, older kids and grown-ups will enjoy the challenge of making an intricate design. Hang your snowflake on a branch or Christmas tree – you could even paint them in different colours.

Read our guide for step-by-step instructions on how to make a paper snowflake.

6. Popcorn bunting

Red and green popcorn bunting with tableware

A festive bunting to brighten your home. Using just four ingredients, it’s very simple to make – pop the kernels, then soak them in red and green-coloured syrup and leave to dry. Adults can help to string the popcorn pieces together with a cotton needle and thread. It won’t stay fresh for long, so make an extra batch to eat, too!

Popcorn bunting

7. Meringue candy canes

Red and green peppermint candy canes on the table

Peppermint candy canes are almost a Christmas essential. Create these colourful sweets from piped meringue with food colouring. Give them as gifts or keep for a dainty table decoration or Christmas tree ornament.

Meringue candy canes

8. Fake snow

Fake snow in hands and a red pot

We don't need to rely on the weather for a white Christmas. With just two storecupboard ingredients and a splash of water, you can create a winter wonderland of fluffy fake snow. It's quick, easy and cheap, and the kids will love using it to make miniature snow men or sprinkle over a nativity scene.

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9. Potato stamps

Potato stamps and pieces of card

Make the most of kitchen staples by transforming a few spuds into simple stamps using biscuit cutters. Once they're cut out, simply slather the stamp in paint and get printing – perfect for homemade Christmas cards.

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10. Homemade snow globe

Homemade snow globe with glitter and ribbons

Why not spend an afternoon making your own snow globe using an old jam jar and festive glitter? Glycerine or baby oil can be used to create a slow falling snow effect, whilst small toys or waterproof figurines can be added as a focal point. All that's left to do is shake up your snow globe and admire the magic inside.

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