Check out our Christmas gravy recipe collection for even more sensational sauces, from fruity favourites to boozy concoctions. Pair your gravy with our favourite roast recipes for stunning centrepieces and mouth-watering side dishes.


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Our expert gravy tips

Gravy boat with cranberry sauce and bread sauce

Add some veg

Want a textured gravy that's a bit thicker, without having to reduce it so much you end up with nothing? Sit the joint on some sliced onions and carrots to roast, then make the gravy in a pan with all the veg, before whizzing and sieving back into a small saucepan.

Use a splash of soy sauce

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If your gravy is too pale, a splash of soy sauce will darken it and add plenty of flavour.

Really scrape the bottom

Scrape up the flavour-filled crusty bits from the bottom of the pan with a wooden spoon. It really intensifies the gravy.

Use the giblets

For turkey gravy, make sure you get the giblets from the butcher. Cover them with water and add a peeled onion, carrot, celery stick, bay leaf and a glass of red wine. Boil these for 40 minutes and you'll have the perfect stock to deglaze your turkey roasting tin with.

Skim the fat off

Skimming away excess fat form the gravy can be tricky. Pop a few ice cubes into the tray or saucepan and you will find the fat will cling to the ice, making it easier to scoop it out.

Top gravy recipes to try

1. Prosecco gravy

Gravy and prosecco on table

Add some sparkle to your table with our rich, prosecco gravy. Use procini mushrooms to add savoury depth that complements the meaty flavours. Get ahead of the game and make your gravy in advance to avoid stressful serving on the day.

2. Sticky port gravy

Gravy in boat

Nothing says indulgence like our sticky port gravy. This is sure to perk up any turkey dinner. The secret ingredients of soy sauce and mushrooms are the key to an addictive savoury sauce. Add the roasting juices from the turkey for an even punchier flavour.

3. Onion gravy

Onions and gravy in saucepan with spoon

An easy onion gravy should be in the repertoire of every budding chef. From a simple plate of sausage and mash, to a tasty toad-in-the-hole or roast beef, this hearty gravy was made to be eaten in liberal spoonfuls.

4. Make-ahead madeira gravy

Gravy in dish on table

Our make-ahead madeira gravy will have both vegetarians and carnivores reaching for the gravy boat. Use a glug of madeira or a dry sherry to add some Christmas cheer to your table. Whip up a saucepan of this festive-infused creation in advance – it can even be frozen for up to three months.

Watch our video on how to make the easiest ever red wine gravy:

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