If your idea of Halloween hell is spending hours toiling in the kitchen, fear not. Our clever decorating tips transform shop-bought, un-iced fairy cakes into an eerie offering that’s every bit as magical as a homemade batch. Alternatively, make your cakes from scratch with our easy recipes that the whole family can get involved with – it’s sure to be a scream!


Ghoulish cupcakes

Cupcakes with pumpkin, skull and green monster icing designs

Let your little ghouls go wild with their imagination and some icing pens for a fun party activity. Our cute and colourful Halloween cupcakes comprise a simple chocolate sponge and and a main layer of fondant icing. Create all manner of menacing faces using icing pens and fondant eyes. From mummies and monsters to pumpkins and skulls, the results will be scaringly stunning.Get the recipe for our ghoulish Halloween cupcakes.

Spider web chocolate fudge muffins


You need minimal ingredients and equipment to get to work on this simple yet stylish design – dark and white chocolate, greaseproof paper or plastic bags, and a toothpick. Simply follow the instructions in our recipe and spread one colour chocolate over your cupcakes, pipe circles of the other, then swirl the colours with a toothpick to create a striking cobweb effect.Get the recipe for our spider web chocolate fudge muffins or for more eight-legged treats, try our chocolate spider cakes.

Fright night fancies

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Fondant fancies covered in white icing ghost designs

These adorable little treats are far more sweet than they are scary. Kids will love to roll out the fondant icing, stamp out their shapes using a cookie cutter, and draw the faces on with an icing pen. You’ll need to sever and eat them quickly after making them so that the icing holds its shape, but don’t worry – it’s eerie how quickly they disappear!

Get the recipe for our fright night fancies.

Frankenstein cupcakes


Green and black icing and a packet of mini marshmallows are all that you need to make your very own mini monsters out of shop-bought or homemade plain vanilla cupcakes. Follow the instructions in our recipe to carve the top of each cake to make a flat, raised face and prominent forehead, colour with green icing, then finish with marshmallow neck bolts, a face, and jet-black hair.

Get the full recipe for our Frankenstein cupcakes.

Hooting Halloween owls


Got spare Halloween goodies lying around? Raid the sweetie stash and transform Maltesers, M&Ms and jelly diamonds into individual treats to delight any animal enthusiast. Buy pre-made chocolate cupcakes if you’re short on time, or make your own with our easy recipe. It’s a hoot and a half! Get the recipe for our hooting Halloween owls.

Spider nest cakes


This has to be one of the quickest ways to add some spook factor to your sweet treats. Simply turn your cupcakes upside down and add a blob of icing sugar to each cake, followed by a small bundle of candy floss and a plastic toy spider. Go the extra mile by baking brightly-coloured cakes with hundreds and thousands, and making your own edible spiders from liquorice and chocolate buttons. Arachnophobes beware!

Get the recipe for our spider nest cakes.

Monster and cat cupcakes

Kids will love decorating these easy-peasy chocolate cupcakes with an assortment of sweets and fondant icing, so let their creativity go wild!

When making the cakes, add a few drops of black food colouring to the mixture for an extra hint of dark magic. You can also colour the icing black and pipe it from a bag to decorate cute cat cupcakes, complete with pink whiskers. Or create an alarming array of monster faces with white, green and pink fondant and jelly sweets. Use liquorice allsorts, dolly mixture, laces, gummy teeth, lips and anything else in your sweetie collection for some wierd and wacky expressions.

Get the recipe for our Halloween chocolate cupcakes.

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