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Eat like an athlete - Ross Wilson


Ross Wilson first discovered a love of table tennis on a family holiday and went on to represent Team GB at London's 2012 Paralympics, winning a bronze medal. Here Ross gives us an insight into his daily diet and favourite indulgences...

What is your typical daily diet when training for a big event?



I have cereal most mornings at about 8am.


I tend to eat good carbohydrates for lunch to give me plenty of energy - something like chicken and rice, usually at around 12.30pm.


I try to eat something healthy like an omelette at around 8pm.

How do you keep your diet varied and do you ever get bored with eating for your sport?

I ensure I shake up my menu every two to three days to ensure I don't get bored of the foods I'm eating.

What super food/juice/meal helps you get out of bed and motivated on those particularly dreary mornings?

Just the thought of my regular breakfast helps me get up in the mornings. My usual breakfast would probably include orange juice, an apple and some cereal.

What's your trusted snack for an energy boost?

Granola bars

I make sure I have a cereal bar on hand as the simple carbohydrates release energy quickly into the body and give me the boost I need.

How do you stay hydrated when training?

I drink a lot of water to ensure I stay hydrated but sometimes have an energy drink as well.

When competition season is over what are your favourite food indulgences?

I love takeaways so will usually treat myself to one or two when not getting ready for a competition.

What would be your top diet and exercise tip for the amateur athlete?

Eating a balanced diet full of foods that you love would be my tip - it's the only way I can stick to a healthy eating plan.

Aside from your speciality, what is your favourite sport/exercise?

Woman swimming in pool

Apart from table tennis I love swimming and really enjoy watching everyone compete at the Olympics and Paralympics.


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