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Eat like an athlete - James Roberts


James Roberts originally started his athletic career as a swimmer and rower before joining the sitting volleyball team. Here James shares his love of food and his top tips for training...

What is your typical daily diet when training for a big event?


Cereal and orange juice

Sweet potato, tuna and salad

Chicken, rice, vegetables and fruit

Total calorie intake: 2,500 - 3,000

How do you keep your diet varied and do you ever get bored with eating for your sport?

Sweet potatoes with toppings in tray

Making sure you are getting all the nutrients you need can be a bit boring at times - but it is fuel at the end of the day. Getting the balance right can greatly improve your athletic performance.
 What super food/juice/meal helps you get out of bed and motivated on those particularly dreary mornings?

I love food so just the thought of breakfast is enough to get me out of bed in the mornings!

How do you stay hydrated when training?

Water being poured into glass

A steady supply of water is obviously vital when you're perspiring through activity. Various sports drinks also offer hydration while providing a much-needed boost of energy.

When competition season is over what are your favourite food indulgences?I love Italian food so I usually tuck into a big plate of pasta or a pizza when I feel like a treat.

What would be your top diet and exercise tip for the amateur athlete?

Making sure you're getting enough energy from your food to aid your training is vital, though overeating can be just as detrimental. My top tip therefore would definitely be, eat as much as you train. Try to work out how much energy you'll be expending and eat accordingly.

Aside from your speciality, what is your favourite sport/exercise?

Swimmer in pool lane

I used to swim and row professionally so have a vested interest there, though my real passions outside of my own sport would have to be football and rugby.


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