Cookie cutter wreath

How to make a cookie cutter wreath

If you’ve got a friend who loves to bake, this is an imaginative way to present cookie cutters as a gift – or make for your own door.

You will need…

– Selection of cookie cutters – you’ll need at least 20, of different shapes and sizes


– Clear string (florist’s string or fishing line works well) or a glue gun

– Ribbon to tie up

To make your wreath…

  1. Arrange the cutters in a wreath shape, moving them around until you get the best possible fit.
  2. Use clear string to tie the cutters together, keeping the shape in a nice ring. Snip the ends of the strings so you have as little overhang as possible. Alternately use a glue gun to stick the cutters together (the glue will peel off easily afterwards).


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