It's the ideal way to spend an afternoon: cup of tea in one hand, scone in the other. Whether you're looking for a showstopper bake or want to revamp your standard scone, this guide has something for everyone. We've created 15 scone recipes that blow tradition out of the water and will change the way you take tea. Somebody stick the kettle on...


1. Boozy twist

A plate of four scones filled with cream and sliced strawberries

A boozy bake always has us hooked, and these scones are no exception. Perfect for a summer afternoon tipple, this mix of classic flavours features Pimm's-laced fruit and cream to dollop onto the freshly-baked scones.

2. Bake a Bakewell

Bakewell Tart Scones

Channel the flavours of a classic dessert into scone form with our Bakewell tart scones recipe. Flavour the scones with almond extract and top with crunchy flaked almonds, a drizzle of icing and sticky glacé cherries – perfect filled with clotted cream and cherry jam.

3. Pizza perfection

A pizza scone hybrid topped with cheese and bacon, with one slice cut out

Don't knock it 'til you've tried it! This scone pizza base is quick, simple and great for kids to get involved with. Top the buttery, crumbly base with your favourite veggies and heaps of cheddar.

4. Classic coronation

Coronation chicken scones

Soon to be your new favourite. Is there anything more British than creamy coronation chicken on a buttery scone base? The addition of nigella seeds to the scone dough matches perfectly with the zest and spice of the chicken mix.

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5. Cheese, please

Cheese scones on a cooling rack

If you're more into the savoury variety, you have to try these cheese scones. This spin on a classic is perfect as an afternoon tea alternative or as part of a summer picnic.

6. Rhubarb & custard

Scones topped with rhubarb and custard

Take your love of this tangy rhubarb further with these wonderfully sweet rhubarb & custard scones, served with a dollop of clotted cream and homemade rhubarb compote. These would fit right in at an afternoon tea in the garden.

7. Go for gluten-free

A batch of gluten free scones with a cup of frothy coffee. One of the scones has been sliced open and topped with jam then clotted cream

Scones are a classic teatime treat that no one should miss. That's why we've come up with these easy gluten-free scones – you can add sultanas if you like, and make sure to serve with oodles of jam and clotted cream.

8. Vegans, rejoice!

A batch of vegan scones next to a pot of jam and bowl of cream. One of the scones is sliced open and topped with cream and jam

We've replaced dairy with soy milk and vegan vegetable spread to make these light and fluffy vegan scones, so everyone at the table can enjoy. Serve with vegan cream and your jam of choice.

9. Brilliant blues

Blueberry scones

Fruit doesn't just have to fill your scones in jam-form. These blueberry scones from Edd Kimber have bright lemon zest and are studded with a generous amount of fresh blueberries. Enjoy warm from the oven whilst the berries are still juicy.

10. Drizzle delight

Six scones drizzled with thick lemon icing

Your favourite slice of cake in scone form – what's not to love? Add some zing and crunch to your standard afternoon scone with lemon zest-laced dough and a classic drizzle topping.

11. Slices of scone cake

Wimbledon tea cake

Serve up a slice of this giant scone cake at your next gathering. Layer whipped cream and fresh strawberries onto your super-sized scone and, trust us, you'll never look at a regular-sized scone in the same way again...

12. Magnificent Marmite

A batch of scones flavoured with cheese and marmite resting on a black baking tray

Incorporate the classic combo of cheese and yeast extract straight into your dough with these scones. The deep, savoury flavour that complements a mature cheddar perfectly – a simple and delicious afternoon snack.

13. Brunch beauties

A batch of cheese and bacon scones served on a white oval baking dish

Try these cheese & bacon scones as a great brunch-time snack. You can make them ahead of time with snipped chives, a generous grating of cheddar and streaky bacon, then warm up when you're ready.

14. Sweet and fruity

Raspberry scones in a circle drizzled with white chocolate

For a sweet tooth, these raspberry and white chocolate scones have a double chocolate hit from creamy white chocolate chunks stirred into the dough and a finishing drizzle of melted white chocolate over the top, all balanced by juicy fresh raspberries.

15. Lunchtime treat

Scones filled with cheese, chutney and salad on a plate

These ploughman's scones are a fun twist on a classic ploughman's lunch. Fill cheesy scones with chutney, cress and thin slices of apple for a savoury start to afternoon tea.

The next step? Planning your perfect afternoon tea, naturally! Check out our guide to throwing an afternoon tea party, plus find lots more baking inspiration with our top bakes and cakes recipes.


What's your favourite twist on the classic scone recipe? Let us know in the comments below...

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