Discover how to freeze eggs to save on food waste and keep your produce for longer. Wondering what foods I can freeze? Read our top tips to save you time and effort in the kitchen, then put them to good use with our favourite freezable recipes.

Our ultimate guide to eggs has more tips on storage, cooking methods and types of eggs. Confused over labels and best before dates? Read up on how to buy eggs and what the signs and symbols mean.

How to freeze eggs

  1. Eggs can be frozen raw, as long as they are shelled first. Cooked eggs don’t freeze well.
  2. Crack the eggs and tip them into a container to freeze them in, you could use a muffin tin for individual eggs or, if you are freezing the whites and yolks separately, freeze them in batches (remember to label how many are in each batch). Whisk the eggs lightly to help the freeze better, if you like.
  3. Freeze for a couple of hours and then slide the frozen blocks into bags or containers.

Frozen eggs will keep for three months in the freezer, separated egg whites will keep for up to six months. For a fabulous Florentine pizza, terrific tortillas and frittatas, get stuck into our favourite egg recipes.

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