How to cut a mango

Mangos are delicious yet notoriously tricky to prepare. Find out how to peel the skin, remove the stone and cut the flesh into bite-size chunks.

Points to remember

  • Position the mango so the pointed ends are away from you and towards you with the cheeks either side.
  • Slice downwards to remove one mango cheek using a serrated edge knife to guide around the stone in the middle. Turn mango around and repeat on the other side.
  • Score along the length of the cheek with the tip of the knife. Turn 90 degrees and score along again to make a criss-cross pattern.
  • Turn the mango over and push through the skin with your fingers. The flesh will come out like a hedgehog. Cut away the chunks of flesh from the skin with a knife.
  • Follow the curve of the stone to cut away the flesh on both sides. Score along the pieces with a knife then run the knife along the skin to release the pieces. Add to the rest of the mango pieces.

Using a serrated knife will give more control when cutting the mango, but a smooth knife can also be used.