How to cook courgettes

Have a glut of courgettes you need to use up? See how to cook this nutritious vegetable with our step-by-step video and make a delicious side dish.

Courgettes are extremely versatile and easy to cook. Watch our step-by-step video to learn how to cook this delicious veg three different ways.


Want to try harvesting your own vegetables? Courgettes are one of the easiest – and quickest – crops to grow yourself, and provide enough veg to keep you going throughout the whole summer. See our guide on how to grow your own courgettes.

Looking for recipe inspiration? Try them grated and fried in our courgette fritters recipe, in an elegant but simple starter such as our courgette carpaccio or try our easy oven-baked ratatouille & sausages for a filling family meal. Want something sweet? Bake up a batch of our courgette muffins.


Check out our ultimate courgette recipe collection for more inspiration.