• super easy to use, endless clever functions, great for families


  • needs adjusting from usual temperatures

Sage The Combi Wave 3-in-1 microwave oven summary

We must admit to some serious delight on opening the Sage Combi Wave; this is a handsome looking, solidly built, stainless steel combi-microwave that also manages to be reasonably light.


This model has a self-closing door which may seem minor, but was a bit of a game-changer compared to those slam-shut/push release types.

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How easy is the Sage The Combi Wave 3-in-1 microwave oven to use?

The three parts of this 3-in-1 machine are microwave, convection oven and air fryer – say hello to healthier chips. Combine these in various ways and have a vast range of cooking methods at your fingertips: add in the grill, 15 Smart Cook, Smart Defrost and Smart Reheat functions, and have many cooking bases covered. If this sounds overwhelming, the Wave is also practically plug-and-play, so after a quick read of the instruction book, we switched it on and away it goes. Thanks to the logical, easy-to-follow set-up details, we felt at ease within five minutes.

The operating panel is straightforward, with a mixture of a digital LCD screen, push-button controls and dials. In addition there's a shortcuts panel inside the door with a list of extra small, useful quick-start programmes, including chocolate melting, butter softening or grilling. We loved the butter function; it took the rock-hard butter straight from the fridge to an ideal softness very quickly. The panel also has a child lock, which is useful for families.


We used Smart Defrost for defrosting frozen chicken breasts. Once selected, we added the weight of our chicken and off it went. After 11 minutes, we had perfectly thawed meat. Though still a little cold in the centre, a few minutes extra remedied that.

We then used the Smart Cooking setting, which uses a combination of convection and grill for cooking the chicken through. Again, we were impressed by the even cook and texture, though the edges were starting to dry out a little.

Our baked potato was one of the best on test, with crispy skin and a soft, squishy inside. We used the combi-crisp pan included and there were no hard spots anywhere. This pan was also excellent for grilling bacon.


The Sage Combi Wave is a powerful oven and timings need adjusting for those used to smaller microwaves. Other than that minor detail, we were delighted with this oven. Though it's not cheap, the quality, functionality and ease of use make this one of our favourites, and we still had much more left to explore. We would make room in a kitchen for this super-useful combi.

Sage The Combi Wave 3-in-1 microwave specifications
Capacity: 32 litres
Wattage: microwave 1100 w
Dimensions: H316mm, W520mm, D510mm ‎

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