• compact design, good price, quick to heat and cook


  • wipe-clean only

VonShef Dual Belgian waffle maker summary

This is a good mid-range machine that will produce two well-browned waffles within seven minutes of first flicking on the switch.


Instructions are straightforward, with both pictures and a written explanation of each step. But you shouldn’t need to study them for too long – the machine is pretty intuitive. We found the lack of recipes disappointing, but these are widely available online. We used our plain waffles recipe for this and all of the other waffle makers we tested.

Available from:
VonHaus (£34.99)
Amazon (£39.99)

How is the VonShef waffle maker to use?

This machine has a light to show you that it’s heating up, and another to show you when it’s ready for use. It heated up in a speedy 2.5 minutes, and although the instructions said that the waffles would take 5-8 minutes to cook, ours were ready in just 4 minutes.

First-time waffle makers may struggle to get the quantities right and the instructions could have offered more guidance here. We over-filled it on first use and had to watch as it leaked a little during cooking.

The lid doesn’t lock, so you just lift it up and down – great if you like to keep an eye on how it’s getting on.

How were the finished waffles?

Because there’s a very thin gap while cooking, we felt the urge press down on it while waiting for it to finish. There was no need though, the waffles cooked perfectly. They browned evenly on both sides but were a little thinner than some of the others we tried. The texture was good and they were soft and fluffy.

VonShef waffle maker making waffles

How practical is the VonShef waffle maker?

The non-stick plates made the waffles easy to remove, though the instructions do tell you to use oil or butter before putting the mixture in.

This is a fixed-plate machine, so can only be cleaned with a cloth. It means that although it’s quick to wipe over, it’s hard to get over the feeling that you can’t get the plates as spotlessly clean was you could if you can remove them.

One big bonus is its little size – it sat happily on the worktop without taking up too much space and fitted neatly in a cupboard.

Available from:
VonHaus (£34.99)
Amazon (£39.99)

VonShef waffle maker specifications
Removable plates: no
Multifunctional: no
Size: 25.6 x 23.7 x 9.6cm
Weight: 1.82kg
Indicator lights: yes
Dishwasher safe parts: no
Wattage: 1000W

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