• 20-bars of pressure, ground coffee and ESE pod compatible


  • enthusiastic milk steamer, large-cup latte setting generates a veritable bucket of coffee

Swan Retro One Touch espresso machine SK22150 review summary

Effort has gone into its design, the colours are muted, soft touch and are broken up by stainless steel components and wood-effect details. These on the portafilter handle and the rim around the coffee pressure gauge give the machine a particularly modern Nordic feel that would fit in both simple and stylized kitchens.


It has a small footprint, similar to that of a kettle. The drinks are automated and this does leave you with little personalisation over the style of your favourite beverage, although you are able to steam milk separately and vary the the froth quantity if 'building' your cup from espresso up is your preferred way.

Available direct from Swan (£149.99)

How easy is the Swan Retro One Touch espresso machine to use?

Useful design features include a removable tray to accommodate different sized mugs. There are three coffee types to choose from: espresso, latte and cappuccino in single or double cup options, with single-shot, double-shot and ESE pod compatible filters to clip firmly in. Simply press each button twice for a double-cup option. After a 90-second warm up time, the machine is ready to go.

Water is heated from the 1.7 litre water tank at the back, while the 500ml milk tank slides into the right-hand side from the front. Both are easy to set up and load. The milk steam wand is intuitive to use, but just remember to slide it across and into the mug!

The espresso settings work just as you would hope. All the pre-sets create the traditional ratios of espresso to steamed milk and foam, and all were enjoyable to drink. The double espresso can be split between two espresso cups. There's also the option to just steam milk, which requires holding down the cappuccino button for three seconds. Pressing it again will stop the flow of milk.

Quality of espresso

Taste-wise, the espresso was some of the best tasting from all the machines tested. It was smooth with a silky crema and there was no hint of bitterness. Just strong and flavoursome coffee.

Should you buy the Swan Retro One Touch espresso machine?

This machine is all about ease. At £149, you’re getting good versatility for your money. If you want quick, convenient and delicious coffee that still offers a modicum of experiential coffee making, this machine is good value for money.

Available direct from Swan (£149.99)

Swan One Touch Espresso machine specifications

Wattage: 1050-1250 watts
Ground capacity: small and big cup settings plus ESE pod compatible
Average pressure: 20 bars
Water capacity: 1.7 litre
Milk tank capacity: 500ml
Dimensions: 354 x 325 x 228 mm
Warranty: two years

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