• available in a range of colours, large capacity for families, long comfortable handle


  • possibly too large for some, expensive

Smeg wok summary

Smeg has expanded its kitchenware offering by moving into cookware. Alongside frying pans and casserole dishes, Smeg includes this wok in its collection. With just one 30cm model available, it has a sizeable 5.2L capacity.


Like the other cookware in the range, this wok is available in three colours: black, cream and red. It has a robust non-stick coating and is oven safe up to 250C.

Smeg wok cream

How easy is the Smeg wok to use?

Smeg’s 30cm wok has a generous capacity. It comfortably offers enough space for food for four or more people, making it an ideal choice for families. Its 5.2L capacity is also great for deep frying.

The handle is long, so tossing, flipping and mixing ingredients is not only simple, but hands are kept far enough away from the heat, keeping you safe. At the top on the underside of the handle is a small hanging hole, which is a brilliant storage solution that keeps the non-stick free from knocks and damage.

The handle is hollow, meaning after it's cleaned – either in the dishwasher or by hand – water can drain freely.


Stir frying was the name of the game when testing this wok. We used BBC Good Food’s stir-fried beef with cashews& broccoli recipe to see how the wok tackled meat and vegetables, as well as sauces with sugar in.

Some woks are almost conical in shape, meaning there’s very little surface area on the base of the pan. The Smeg wok has a sizeable flat base which offers space to move ingredients around for even cooking.

Like the other cookware in this range, there is a slightly textured, roughcast non-stick coating. It doesn’t catch when cooking, allowing both our meat and veggies to move around freely.


If clean-up is a particular bug-bear of yours, this wok will make life much easier. The non-stick coating in exceptional, and the option to put the pan in the dishwasher is a plus.

This pan is only available in a 30cm diameter which, for couples, may be too large. The other pans in this cookware range are available in different sizes, so it’d be good to see the same for this wok.

We loved the versatility of this product. The large capacity and high walls made deep-frying easy, plus the option to cook either on the hob or in the oven only adds to the range of uses.


Capacity: 3.2L
Size: 30cm
Non-stick: PTFE
Materials: cold forged aluminium
Induction compatible: yes
Dishwasher safe: yes
Oven safe: yes, up to 250C

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Wok-fried long-stem broccoli
Stir-fried beef with cashews and broccoli
Beef with mangetout and cashews
Wok-fried duck and oyster sauce
Egg-fried rice
Vietnamese-style caramel pork
Korean sesame pork stir-fry
Spicy prawn soup


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