• Large, thick waffles


  • Slower than some to cook, waffles less crispy on the outside than others

Salter deep-fill waffle maker summary

This promises waffles that are three times deeper than others, and we can confirm that this does take a large amount of mixture. It produces sizeable waffles of about 14 x 13cm, making it ideal for bigger appetites. The actual machine is no bigger than average, though, so you don’t need to worry about space.


Available from:
Amazon (£37.99)
Salter (£39.99)

Is the Salter deep-fill waffle maker easy to use?

If you’re looking for a machine that you can use pretty much out of the box, this one hits the mark – a quick wipe down with a cloth and you’re good to go. The plates are fixed, so you don’t remove them for cleaning.

This is a stylish, sleek, black-and-silver item with clear indicator lights. There is also an audible click when the 'ready' light comes on, a feature we've seen on other waffle makers. This is useful if you’re making waffles on the other side of the kitchen. This one also has a solid but easy to open clasp to shut the machine while it's cooking, and cool-touch handles.

How are the finished waffles?

The machine makes two waffles at a time, and while the instructions say it takes 4 minutes to heat, it was ready in just 3 minutes. We were hoping that this meant the suggested 5-10 minute cooking time was also exaggerated.

However, the mixture wasn’t cooked after 5 minutes, and it did take the full 10 minutes to get to our desired golden brown colour.

The longer cooking time reflects the larger-than-average size of the waffles, so you need to decide if the bigger size is worth the wait, or if you’d rather go for something speedier. The cooking time can be spent wiping down and washing-up, though.

Because of the bigger size of the waffles, the well-defined squares soak up plenty of golden syrup. The base has a solid colour, but the top is slightly less-evenly browned. The waffles are softer than many others, both inside and out.

Salter waffle machine making waffles

How practical is the Salter deep-fill waffle machine?

The Salter machine has non-slip feet, and the non-stick plates release food easily. The cord is a little on the short side, though.

Cleaning is also very straightforward, and can be done with a damp cloth. The deep plates mean it’s also pretty hard to overfill, so there are no work surface messes.

Overall, this is a solid and effective mid-priced machine that is easy to use.

Available from:
Amazon (£37.99)
Salter (£39.99)

Salter deep-fill waffle machine specifications:
Removable plates: no
Multifunctional: no
Size: 29.3 x 24.5 x 10.5cm
Weight: 2.18kg
Indicator lights: yes
Dishwasher safe parts: no
Wattage: 900

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