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PROMiXX MiiXR X7 performance nutrition blender


  • Sleek design
  • Quiet operation
  • Added supplement mixing feature


  • Ingredients warm up after long blends
  • No measurements given in manual or on components

Star rating: 3.5/5

A star rating of 3.5 out of 5.

Available from:
Amazon (£99.99)
PROMiXX (£99.99)

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This smoothie-maker is marvellously easy to set up. Just fix the multi-purpose blade to one of the two cups, then click onto the main tower of the machine. Alternatively, if you’d like to use the machine to make a protein shake or a mix of juices without solid ingredients, use the blunted 'X-blade' attachment instead. The MiiXR X7 remains easy to handle once you’ve assembled it. The components fit together and work together intuitively, and you’d be hard-pressed to make a mistake.

A downside is that its maximum blending capacity of 650ml is awkwardly in-between the ideal levels for making smoothies for one, or making smoothies for two. If you want to make large smoothies for two people, or medium-sized smoothies for three or more, you’ll need to blend in batches to avoid overloading the appliance. This won’t cause problems for those who just need a smoothie-maker for their own use, but we can see it being a sticking point for larger households.


We were pleased with the quality of smoothies produced in our testing with the MiiXR X7. All the ingredients – from stringy celery to hard chunks of apple – were blended evenly, and proved delicious and smooth once chilled. That said, it did take a fairly long time to blend ingredients, and the liquid heated up a fair bit by the time it was done. As such, we advise using a little more ice than usual with this appliance, in order to achieve the excellent results it is capable of.

The MiiXR X7 is fairly loud when the motor is running, but not overly grating on the ear. The base has a neat, vase-like profile and an efficient, circular footprint, which makes it easy to store. You may find the cups, lids and blade attachments require more storage space than the smoothie-maker itself.

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The cups are pleasingly designed and well made – they don’t leak, even when shaken vigorously. Plus, all the MiiXR X7’s components are easy to clean.

One gripe we have with this smoothie-maker is that its manual leaves out a few details that might have come in handy. For instance, there’s a lack of guidance on how much liquid, or how much fruit or veg each of the cups can hold. Without any figures to work to, the user is left to work out quantities by eye, or get a measuring jug involved. On the plus side, the instructions, which are included, are clearly set out. A recipe and some general use instructions are included on the flaps of the box, which we thought a nice touch.

Available from:
Amazon (£99.99)
PROMiXX (£99.99)

PROMiXX MiiXR X7 specifications
Power: 700W
Blend capacity: 500ml and 650ml
Blade type: 6-blade multifunctional array; vertical X-blade for mixing liquids and powders
Weight: 3.8kg

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