Melitta Caffeo CI bean-to-cup coffee machine

Pros: two cups can be made at once, energy saving
Cons: the milk container is a little clumsy


Star rating: 4.5/5

On first look, the Caffeo CI might seem a little angular to some (its design being more functional than fashionable) but actually, the simplicity allows for both ease of use and ease of storage. Being a simple shape, it can easily be slotted into any corner of the kitchen or stashed away.

Setting aside half an hour for assembly and set up will give you enough time to discard all the packaging, read the instructions and get to understand the settings and functionality, which includes up to four pre-sets, three options for temperature and four options for coffee strength.

The interface isn't touch screen or Bluetooth-enabled, but it is easy to use. A screen on the left shows the settings you're currently using, while a dial on the right can be used to move through menu choices. Buttons below the middle screen allow you to select the coffee type you’re after, too.

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Other features include a two-chamber coffee container, allowing you to easily switch between two types of coffee bean (something that's not offered by many machines). You can even choose to use pre-ground coffee, so you aren’t as constricted as you are with other machines.

The double features continue with the coffee making itself, too – you can select to make two cups at the same time, which is an excellent time-saver. With a 1.2 litre integrated water container and an energy-saving automatic switch-off, the Caffeo is particularly favourable for being low maintenance and unfussy.

The machine comes with a milk container, which is both a postive and negative. On the one hand, the milk will come through the same spouts as the coffee, making it far less cumbersome to use than a manual milk frother. But on the other, as it's a detachable piece of kit, it sits to the side like a spare part, which left us more inclined to store it when not in use and get it out again when we needed it. Not a problem, but somewhat inconvenient.

As you'd expect from a premium machine, the espresso is consistently good – rich, flavoursome and aromatic with a smooth and reliable crema. Of course, should you choose a milk-based coffee – the taste is affected but you'll still be able to achieve that perfect froth that's normally the reserve of baristas.

Cleaning is relatively simple and the machine automatically rinses itself when it’s turned off or on, which allows you to maintain the condition well. The only slight downside of this is that it means the drip tray needs regular emptying.

The milk system will require a little more maintenance to keep the tube blockage free and the automatic descaling program is recommended to be used every two months or so.

All in all, this machine will give you everything you need to produce professional-standard coffees. We loved the fact that it came with an energy-saving mode and a dual coffee-making function.

This shows that Melitta understands people's time is precious and they don't want to spend it arduously making multiple coffees one by one – a feature particularly valuable for families or larger households.

Star ratings:
Functionality rating: 4.5/5
Results rating: 4.5/5
Ease of cleaning rating: 4.5/5
Value for money rating: 5/5
Overall rating: 4.5/5

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Dimensions (HxWxD): 473 x 255 x 352mm
Weight: 8.7kg
Power: 1500 watts
Water capacity: 1.2 litres
Adjustable grind: yes

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