• Intuitive controls, lightweight for the size, interior light allows you to watch ingredients as they cook


  • Large footprint, noisy, exterior gets very hot during use, susceptible to fingerprint markings

HySapientia 15-litre air-fryer oven summary

If you're looking for an air-fryer with similar functionality to an oven, this 15-litre model from HySapientia comes with a range of presets and ample space for cooking four-to-five portions at a time.


A more compact version of the HySapientia 24-litre air-fryer oven, it remains relatively boxy and large, and though it's made from stainless steel, the materials feel quite thin and tinny. The upside is that it's impressively lightweight, so can be lifted with two hands should you need to move it around the kitchen.

The air-fryer is packed with a generous collection of accessories, including a basket, oven rack, crumb tray, rotisserie, recipe book, and a small pair of silicone oven gloves.

Among the 10 presets are air-fry, rotisserie, bake, broil, dehydrate and defrost, with specific functions for ingredients like fish, steak and pizza. The temperature settings can also reach up to 230C.

How easy is the HySapientia 15-litre air-fryer oven to use?

Getting started with the HySapientia 15-litre air-fryer oven was a speedy process – in part because of the comprehensive and detailed manual. There's a combination of diagrams and written instructions, with clear steps with setting up, operating and cleaning, plus cooking charts for specific ingredients.

The control panel is busy but intuitive and well laid out. Each preset is listed next to two columns of icons, and the dial is used to flit between each function and increase/decrease the temperature and timer. If you want to watch your ingredients as they cook, you can also select the lightbulb icon on the display panel to switch on the interior light.

All the components, like the air-fryer basket, slot inside easily without being too snug. When we switched the appliance on, the fan was noisy, but chimed at a good volume when the timer ran out.

The body of the air-fryer does get very hot and takes a while to cool down afterwards, so children and pets should naturally be kept at a distance. It does have effective non-slip feet, and didn't budge when we attempted to push it across the worktop.

Cooking results

For the most part, this model did a good job of cooking quickly, but struggled to crisp up certain ingredients – a function synonymous with air-fryers. We cooked a salmon fillet first (10 minutes at 180C), and while it had good flakiness, the skin was a bit too soft for our liking.

We grilled aubergine slices for 8 minutes at 200C, and the appearance was generally fine though uneven – the slices in the centre were browner than those around the edges of the tray. Our halloumi slices had a more even colour, cooked for 10 minutes at 200C. The chicken breast we air-fried (20 minutes at 180C) was also moist and gently golden.

Finally, we made chips, which – unlike the rest of the dishes we cooked – were crisp and crunchy, though pale in colour. An extra 5 minutes may have helped them brown up more, but by that time they'd been in the air-fryer for 35 minutes (at 180C) and were already very dry.

We also noticed when air-frying halloumi that the crumb tray became stained when some of the moisture dripped out – but all other food debris wiped clean after some light scrubbing.

How sustainable is the HySapientia 15-litre air fryer oven?

Several non-recyclable materials were used to package up this air-fryer, including plastic wrapping and polystyrene blocks. The cardboard boxes it came in could be put in the recycling, however.

There are spare parts sold on Amazon, which means you should be able to continue using the air-fryer to its full potential even if anything gets lost or broken. It also comes with a one-year warranty, which is less generous than other brands but sufficient.

We also tested the cost-efficiency of this HySapientia model by running it for 10 minutes on the air-fry setting, and found it cost 3.67p (based on a tariff of 16.6p/kWh). This is more expensive than most air-fryers, but not out-of-the-ordinary given the 15-litre capacity.


If you want an air-fryer with a large capacity, this is a solid choice with ample room for cooking multiple ingredients simultaneously – especially when you make the most of the accessories.

You'll need a large amount of countertop (or storage) space, but because its functionality is so versatile, it's the kind of gadget you could get daily use from.

We also like the simplicity of the controls, and while cooking results were mixed, with some trial-and-error you could produce some very tasty dishes using this gadget.

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HySapientia 15-litre air-fryer oven specifications

Food capacity: 15L
Wattage: 1700W
Dimensions: 31 x 33 x 38 cm
Guarantee: 1 year
Presets: 10

All costs-to-run calculations were done against the variable tariff at the time of testing (16.6p/kWh), which has since changed – read more on the current energy price guarantee rates.

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