Dualit Espress-auto 4-in-1 coffee and tea maker


  • Attractively designed
  • Very versatile


  • Expensive

Star rating: 4/5

Available from:
Dualit (£224.99)
Amazon (£230.46)

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We were really pleased with the quality of coffee and tea produced by this machine. The temperature was appropriate to each drink type, bringing through the excellent flavours to be found in Dualit’s range of coffee and tea capsules – our favourite being the treacle-like ‘Lungo Americano’ pod.

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Using the machine’s milk frother to foam milk gave the opportunity to make lattes and cappuccinos.

Another strong suit of the Espress-auto is its quality. This is a thoroughly well-built machine, with shiny, hygienic metal surfaces and weighty components.

It operates smoothly, with a very quick heat-up time and a blissfully low noise level.

There are a lot of accessories included, so worth bearing in mind that means more storage and cleaning requirements than the average coffee pod machine.

Dualit espresso machine with cups and coffee
Photo: Alice Ostapjuk

The packaging the Espress-auto came in is just about in-keeping with the size and complexity of the product.

There are plenty of sustainable pod options across the pod types supported by the Espress-auto, including compostable versions of Dualit’s own pods, and recyclable versions of Nespresso’s.

You can even use this machine to make drinks from freshly-ground coffee, assuming you have coffee beans and a coffee grinder.

There are some downsides – the water tank is slightly awkward to fit into place, and it’s nigh on impossible to properly clean the inside of it with a sponge, since the shape is so tall and thin.

With that said, this is excellent for making coffee and tea. If you’re looking for a machine to make several types of drink with, several times a day, the Espress-auto is an excellent choice.

Available from:
Dualit (£224.99)
Amazon (£230.46)

Star ratings
Functionality: 4.5/5
Results: 4.5/5
Ease of cleaning: 4/5
Value for money: 4/5
Overall rating: 4/5

Supported pods: Dualit coffee & Fine Tea capsules, Nespresso, ESE, ground coffee
Tank capacity: 1.5L
Milk frother: yes
Power: 1350W

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