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DrumGrill BBQ review

A charcoal barbecue offers an inimitable outdoor cooking experience. Read our review of the novel DrumGrill, a 3-in-1 BBQ that doubles as a firepit and table. 

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DrumGrill BBQ – unavailable

Pros: No assembly, three-in-one
Cons: No grill or charcoal height adjustment

This product is no longer available. For more like this, see our review of charcoal barbecues.

For practicality, ease of use and out-of-the-box and ready-to-use convenience, the DrumGrill is perfect. This name precisely describes this barbecue; it is an oil drum with a grill. It can also be used as a fire pit or pop the lid on, and it becomes a handy table.

The generous 49cm grill space easily allows plenty of room when cooking for four. The simplicity of the DrumGrill means there is only direct cooking available and given there is no height adjustment for the grill, it needs constant attention to prevent burnt food.

With care, the food is cooked well and by moving the coals to the centre of the charcoal basket, there was plenty of room around the edges to keep food warm.

Cleaning is simple; the removable ashtray lifts out easily and any spilt ash goes to the bottom of the drum, so just needs tipping out when cold. All cleaned, pop the lid on and the drum is easily stored. Emptied out, it is handy for storing bags of charcoal and tools.

With no moving parts, hinges, screws or wheels there is little to go wrong with the DrumGrill. It is impressive in its simplicity.

Style: drum
Cooking grill size: 49cm
Height: 87cm
Hood and vents: no
Wheels and locks: no
Material: steel

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