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Looks great
Large capacity
Large footprint
Comparatively low power for its size
4 out of 5


DeLonghi IdealFry Low Oil Fryer and Multicooker
With its pleasing, wedge shape, this DeLonghi model looks great on the worktop and promises to do so much more than just crisp up a potato waffle for the kids.
So, there are two heating elements at work – above and below the removable pan – and you can choose to have one or both in operation, so you can grill as well as bake and air fry. Set the timer and temperature via the ‘wind up’ knobs on the top of the unit. The basket was easy to handle with its chunky grip and so we could shake food around to ensure an even fry.
There was plenty of space in there for generous portions – a whole bag of oven chips cooked in 22 minutes and a good kilo of our own home-made spicy fries came out with crispy edges and well-cooked fluffy centres in 26. This is helped by the fact that residual oil is kept in the tray rather than draining off as it would do in other basket models. The chips sizzled in the same way they would a conventional baking tray in your main oven. For that reason, you can think of it as a small and convenient extra for all your baking needs.
We tried a chicken and potato bake in the tray and after 30 minutes of minimal effort had a tasty supper, with a nice charring to the oiled chicken skin and tender, crunchy-edged potatoes.
We put this small oven to use during a rare UK heatwave and on a day when turning on the main stove was unbearable, even in a large kitchen. This heated quickly without turning up the heat in the room, so definitely a plus point if you are in a cramped space.
Adaptable and capacious, we also tried scones and a fruit loaf in the DeLonghi, using a small silicone baking sheet and loaf tin inside the tray. It’s a versatile gadget this one and could soon become essential for busy Sunday lunches or those times when no one in the family seems to agree on what’s for dinner. Our main oven was pretty much out of action when it had a place in the test kitchen, with only a Sunday rib of beef defeating it.
Capacity 1.25kg
Dishwasher safe: yes
Recipe book: app available

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