Oven gloves are one piece of kitchen equipment where quality and performance cannot be compromised. Their function is simple; to protect your hands from steam and hot objects.


Whether you're taking hot trays out of the oven, moving something off the stove top or require a versatile glove suitable for use on the BBQ, you need oven gloves that offer superior heat protection.

During our testing, we looked for a good balance of style and substance, testing products on features including grip, flexibility, padding, insulation and practicality.

From cheap and cheerful mitts by major retailers, to novelty double gloves and professional grade gauntlets, our top picks of the best oven gloves for 2021 have enough versatility to convert even the toughest silicone cynics and traditional tea towel users.

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Best oven gloves

Wolf and Badger oven gloves on a grey background

Wolf and Badger Grill Power double oven glove

Best novelty oven gloves

Pros: unique tattoo style design
Cons: thickness

Stuart Gardiner has definitely thought about style and substance with these double oven gloves, decorating the length of its adjoining stretch with quirky tattoos that give the names of contemporary famous characters a culinary twist.

They were not the thickest pair we tried, nor the best insulators. They offered standard grip for a pair of fabric gloves. However, they can be thrown in the washing machine without fear of the designs running and would make a truly great statement pair of oven gloves or novelty gift for anyone not lingering with hot dishes.

Available from Wolf and Badger (£25)

Bizzy Bee oven gloves on a grey background

Bizzybee Double Layer oven glove

Best oven gloves for big hands

Pros: nitrate dot coating for good grip, five finger control
Cons: one-size is too large for small or medium hands

We liked the control and agility these Bizzybee gloves allowed, being proper finger gloves rather than oven mitts.

Double-lined, they offered the same heat protection as the thicker fabric gloves we tried despite being considerably thinner. Nitrate dots helped their grip on metal trays and ceramic dishes.

Rising just above the top of the wrist, you do get a small level of splash protection, although you should be cautious of spitting fat and steam.

We found the one-size much too large for small and medium hands, but would recommend on the basis of heat protection, grip and flexibility if you're after a budget pair of five finger gloves.

Available from Ocado (£8)

Cookskin heavy gauntlet oven gloves on a grey background

Coolskin heavy oven gauntlets

Best oven gloves for protection

Pros: full forearm splash protection
Cons: exclusively large size, lacking in style

These Coolskin heavy gauntlets are not the prettiest, but very practical. You get total forearm protection from fingertip to elbow thanks to stretchy Meta-Aramid material, also used to protect firefighters.

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These gauntlets offer effective protection well above the heat of domestic ovens. Having the versatility of two seperate gloves is useful – if you’re reaching in and out of a deep oven these would be a great barrier against hot shelves and metal sides.

There are no loops for easy hanging and these gloves are only available in medium-large, so we don't recommend them for anyone with smaller hands.

Available from:
Coolskin (£22.75)

Selection of oven gloves laid on on a table before being tested

How we tested oven gloves

We reviewed a representative sample of oven gloves and scored them against the following criteria on our testing matrix:

Size: oven gloves must be comfortable for a variety of hand sizes without compromising their ability to grip hot pots and pans. We tested every oven glove with extra-small, medium and large hands.

Comfort: you might be using oven gloves every day, so how comfortable they are is an important factor.

Heat protection: the most important function of oven gloves is to protect from heat. Whether you’re holding hot trays or moving pans of hot liquid, we looked for superior heat protection.

Ease of storage: features like hooks make oven gloves easy to find and grab quickly.

Grip: do the oven gloves offer enough flexibility to grip a variety of shapes and sizes and have an anti-slip exterior?

Ease of washing: there will always be splashes and splatters when it comes to manoeuvering hot kitchen components, so oven gloves must be easily washable.

Overall quality of materials: we looked for durability in the oven gloves, including how well they washed.

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