Summer is coming, and it's time to get prepped for warmer weather. Avoid serving up warm drinks with an ice cube tray that will allow you to keep plenty stashed in the freezer for when sunny weather hits.


Get creative with statement ice in your drinks: once you've got your tray, check out our guide for 6 new ice cube flavours to try – it doesn't have to be just for water and drinks, you can use it to freeze leftover pesto, coffee or stock for later, too. We've also made clever ice cube cocktail hacks for instant homemade slushies.

We've rounded up the best ice cube trays, from £4 to £20, in all shapes and sizes. Whether you want practical square cubes and enough to serve a crowd, or a fun option like heart-shaped or tropical ice cubes. Read on for our top picks.

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10 best ice cube trays at a glance

  • Best 2-in-1 ice cube tray and storage box: Lèkué ice cube box tray, £19.99
  • Best basic ice cube tray: 2-pack ice cube trays, £4.99
  • Best for rectangular ice cubes: LessMo 3-pack ice cube trays, £12.29
  • Best ice cube tray for summer parties: BarCraft novelty silicone tray, £6.29
  • Best novelty ice cube tray: Dachshund-shaped silicone ice cube moulds, £4.29
  • Best for large square ice cubes: OXO Good Grips large ice cube tray, £16
  • Best for making large quantities of ice: Oliver's Kitchen 4-pack ice cube trays, £11.99
  • Best heart shaped ice cube tray: BarCraft silicone novelty heart moulds, £6.99
  • Best for a gift: Oliver Bonas diamond ice moulds, £10
  • Best for round ice cubes: Final Touch silicone ice ball moulds, £12

10 best ice cube trays to buy 2023

Lékué ice cube box tray

Lekue ice cube tray

Best 2-in-1 ice cube tray and storage

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This clever system makes a generous 33 honeycomb-shaped ice cubes at once. These can then be tipped into the box underneath while you make another batch, with the ice cube tray acting as the lid. You'll need space in your freezer to keep the deep box, but it's great for stocking up on plenty of ice ahead of a party.

2-pack ice cube trays

2 pack ice cube tray

Best basic ice cube tray

You can't go wrong with this bargain ice cube tray duo. For under a fiver, this set of two trays makes 28 ice cubes, and comes with lids to stop spillages in the freezer. The base of each cube is made from flexible silicone so it's easy to release the ice.

LessMo 3-pack ice cube tray

LessMo 3 Pack Ice Cube Trays, Currently priced at £12.29 copy

Best for narrow ice cubes

These sleek rectangular ice cubes are great for adding to tall highball cocktails or slipping into water bottles. The trays are made of flexible silicone for easy release, and also have lids to protect them in the freezer. The shape could also be used for making your own chocolate batons.

BarCraft novelty tropical ice cube tray

Tropical ice cube tray

Best ice cube tray for summer parties

Bring the tropical vibes whatever the weather with this novelty ice cube tray, including pineapple, cactus and watermelon shapes. Perfect for summer cocktails and fruit punch.

Available from:
DrinkStuff (£6.29)

Dachshund shaped silicone ice cube moulds

Daschund ice cube tray

Best novelty ice cube tray

A great buy for any sausage dog fan. The shallow ice in this tray does melt quickly, so it isn't the best for keeping drinks cool for a long time, but it's great for sheer novelty factor. It also comes complete with a mini pipette, so it can be used for making dachshund-shaped chocolates. It's dishwasher-safe for easy clean up, too.

OXO Good Grips large ice cube tray

OXO square ice cube tray

Best for large square ice cubes

These large square ice cubes melt slowly and won't dilute your drink, which is great for whisky or short drinks served neat. The large size also makes them suitable for making flavoured ice cubes – just add berries or sliced fruit to the tray before freezing.

Oliver's Kitchen ice cube tray 4-pack


Best for making large quantities of ice

If you've got space in the freezer, this pack of four ice cube trays makes an impressive 56 ice cubes, which is ideal for parties or large families. Each tray has a lid for neat stacking, and have flexible frames for removing the ice with ease.

Available from:
Amazon (£11.99)

BarCraft silicone novelty heart moulds

BarCraft Heart Shaped Silicone Ice Cube Tray, Currently priced at £4.85 copy

Best heart-shaped ice cube tray

Give your date night G&Ts a special touch with this heart-shaped ice tray. It'll make a pretty addition to your drinks.

Oliver Bonas diamond ice moulds

Oliver Bonas diamond ice cube tray

Best for a gift

The stylish box design will make this a great housewarming gift. The tray makes four chunky diamond-shaped ice cubes to add a touch of glam to your next cocktail.

Final Touch silicone ice ball moulds

Final Touch silicone ice cube moulds

Best for round ice cubes

Who says ice cubes have to be square? Simply push these moulds together and fill from the top before freezing, then release to reveal perfectly round ice balls. These come as a set of two, and make an ideal slow-to-melt option for drinks you don't want to water down.

Available from:
John Lewis (£12)


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