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Argos Cuggl Deluxe highchair review

Has the time come for you to buy a highchair for your baby or toddler? Read our detailed review of the Argos Cuggl Deluxe highchair to discover what considerations you should make before buying

Argos Cuggl Deluxe highchair – discontinued

This product is no longer available


The Cuggl brand launched in 2017, exclusive to Argos, with a range of baby products including nursery furniture, prams and highchairs that aim to be practical, stylish and good value. Their basic Pickle highchair, similar to the IKEA Antilop, is £19.99, while the Deluxe sells for £39.99 – an excellent price for a folding highchair with several adjustment options. 

What are your first impressions of the Argos Cuggl Deluxe highchair? 

The chair is almost identical to the Mamas & Papas Snax and the Mothercare Star, right down to the on-trend grey covers (we tested a Deluxe in sheep print, but at the time of publishing the textile design on offer from the Argos site was the ‘plum’ print), but is better value, and I found no difference in quality between the three chairs. Of the three, I liked the look of this chair the most.

Is the Argos Cuggl Deluxe highchair easy to assemble?

The chair is fairly easy to put together, with the legs slotting into the seat, but the instructions contain some confusing errors – for instance, referring to a red button that’s actually grey. It took me a while to figure out how to fit the footrest, which, in common with other chairs of this style, had to be attached using a long screwdriver that wasn’t provided. I found this quite fiddly.

What age is the Argos Cuggl Deluxe highchair suitable for? 

The chair is suitable for children from sitting up unaided to approximately 3 years old.

How secure is the Argos Cuggl Deluxe highchair?

There’s a little bit of wobble in the legs, but not enough to be alarming. The tray did shake a bit when my daughter banged her legs, which was annoyingly noisy but not a major cause for concern. 

What is the safety harness like?

The five-point harness is sturdy and easily clipped and unclipped, though the crotch strap does sometimes become trapped under the child or blocked by the crotch post. 

How big is the tray and is it a good height for the child?

The tray is a generous 57cm wide and sits at a good height. It can be adjusted into three positions to bring it close to the child’s tummy, although, in common with other highchairs of this type, I found the tray awkward to slide into place. The tray has a top layer which can be popped off for cleaning and is dishwasher-safe. It has a space to hold a cup (until the baby moves it somewhere else) and three separate sections. 

Can you adjust the highchair in any other way? 

There are six height positions, so the child can sit level with different tables, and three recline options, although, as with the other reclining highchairs I tested, I found the release button difficult to access and the movement quite clunky – not ideal if the aim of reclining the seat is to lull the baby to sleep.   

What is its footprint? 

The chair’s footprint is a fairly large 79cm x 50cm, and with its padding the chair does look quite bulky, so you’ll need a fair amount of space to accommodate it when unfolded. 

What is the overall quality of the highchair?

While some of the functions are clunky, the chair feels fairly solidly made and compares well to the more expensive highchairs of this type.

Is it comfortable for the child?

The high cushioned back rest, wide tray and fairly spacious seat looked very comfortable for my toddler, though a larger child might be slightly squeezed against the crotch post. Whilst I imagine most parents would want to sit their baby in the most upright position to eat, the chair’s recline positions might provide extra comfort for a baby drinking from a bottle, though this isn’t a feature we made use of. 

Is the seat padded?

Yes, the whole seat and back rest are padded. They’re covered in a shiny wipe-clean material, which could be a bit sticky on sweaty summer legs.  

Can you get the child in and out easily? 

With the tray removed, the child is easily lifted out of the chair.

Is there adequate support for the child? 

The high cushioned back rest, crotch post, five-point harness and adjustable tray all help to keep the child in a good position. The footrest isn’t adjustable, however, so provides limited support.   

Is it easy to clean?

The cushion material is wipe-clean, but crumbs gather in the folds and corners, so you’ll need to undo the harness and remove the cover regularly to give it a proper scrub. The tray has a top layer which can be popped off – though as the main tray also gets dirty around the edges, this does mean cleaning two trays rather than one.

If not protected by a bib, the straps of the harness are in the firing line when the food flinging begins. The relatively open weave of the strap material means some food does collect in it, and the pale colour of the straps shows up grime more than some other harnesses.

Is it easy to store?

The chair folds down and is freestanding, but remains fairly bulky at 99cm x 57cm x 35cm, so it’s not the easiest to throw in the car and use elsewhere. The tray hooks onto the back of the legs when not in use.    

Are there any accessories available for purchase?   


Are there any special features?

No additional features.

Product specifications

Suitable from sitting unaided to around 3 years.

Size capacity: 
Up to 15kg

Height 103cm
Width 78cm
Depth 59cm

Seat recline options:

Seat height options: 

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