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BabyBjörn High Chair

Pros: Takes minutes to assemble, super-simple to clean, compact and lightweight for storage and travel, smart design and functionality, good support for younger babies.
Cons: Compact size makes it less well suited to larger toddlers, folding system a little confusing, expensive.

Overall score: 4.3/5

Buy now from Baby Bjorn (£204.99)

Swedish brand BabyBjörn has a reputation for practical, minimalist Scandi design; its no-fuss baby carriers and bouncers have plenty of fans. The High Chair (simple by name and nature) follows in the same pared-back vein. The lack of adornments and adjustment options might make you wonder at the price tag, but you’re paying for clever (if not flawless) design and innovations such as the tray locking the child in place. Plus, while it’s expensive, unlike many high-end chairs it doesn’t require any add-ons – though its size might give it a more limited lifespan than some.

What were your first impressions of the BabyBjörn high chair?

My first reaction as I opened the box was disbelief at how tiny the chair looked. There’s no denying the BabyBjörn High Chair is extremely compact, which I ultimately found to be simultaneously one of its biggest strengths and weaknesses. Breaking the mould of traditional folding highchairs, it takes a bit of getting your head around, but it grew on me the more I used it.

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Baby Bjorn high chair waiting to be assembled

Is the BabyBjörn High Chair easy to assemble?

The basic assembly, which simply involves slotting the legs into the base of the seat and then pulling them apart, is almost literally childsplay – I was able to put the chair together in about five minutes while my toddler played nearby. Getting the hang of the system of three buttons that adjust and fold the tray takes a bit longer.

What age is the BabyBjörn High Chair suitable for?

It’s intended to be suitable from around six months to approximately three years – though the seat is so small, I imagine many toddlers would grow out of it sooner. Tellingly, it’s described on the BabyBjörn website as ‘the perfect choice for your baby's first high chair’ – you may find yourself having to shell out for another later, though, depending on the size of the child, the chair should just about last until you’re ready to transfer them to a booster seat.

Baby Bjorn high chair harness close up

How secure is the BabyBjörn High Chair?

Despite being lightweight and slimline, the chair feels secure and doesn’t wobble. Once the tray is locked in place, the child can’t move it and their legs are held underneath it, so there’s little chance of them standing up or escaping.

What is the safety harness like?

The tray locks into place snugly against the baby’s tummy and acts as the main form of restraint, but BabyBjörn have now added a three-point harness for another layer of protection. The harness is secured and undone while the tray table is folded down and because of this I found it relatively easy to access, despite the fact it sits very low on the child.

How big is the tray and is it a good height for the child?

The tray is on the petite side (25 x 43cm) with a shallow rim, meaning one disdainful swipe could see your child’s dinner landing on the floor. It also looked a little low for my 18-month-old. There are three settings to bring the tray snugly up to the child’s tummy in order to hold them in place – something my headstrong toddler didn’t especially appreciate, but which would be really useful for a younger baby.

The close-fitting tray is also designed to help keep food from falling into the baby’s lap – though I found my daughter’s bibs trailed on the tray, so her clothes didn’t escape totally unscathed.

Baby Bjorn high chair at table with toddler eating

Can you adjust the highchair in any other way?

No. The seat appears low but is actually around the same height as other fixed-height chairs, at 56cm, and it was at a good level for our table. The footrest is also moulded into the seat, so can’t be moved. The tray is integrated, meaning the chair can’t be pushed right up to the dining table – a disadvantage given the smallness of the tray, as it means toddlers can’t easily sit in the chair to do messy crafts that require more space.

On the whole, though, I didn’t miss the array of adjustment options that come with some other highchairs, as this chair does the basics very well.

What is its footprint?

The footprint is a relatively modest 55cm x 54cm, with slim legs that make it appear smaller, making it a good option for smaller homes (and it’s easy to fold up flat, if space is really at a premium).

BabyBjorn high chair from back with toddler sat inside

What is the overall quality of the BabyBjörn High Chair?

The chair is proof that not all plastics are created equal – it’s smart-looking (available in white as well as the mint green version we tested), sturdy, smooth to the touch and largely very smooth to manipulate. The only slightly awkward and clunky element is moving the legs; it wasn’t immediately obvious how to hold the chair as you open and close them, which led to my banging my legs a couple of times.

Is it comfortable for the child?

The moulded plastic seat with its rounded edges reminded me of Eames-style chairs and looked very comfortable, despite the lack of padding. The snugness of the chair may make the child look a bit squeezed, but probably helps to make them feel secure.

Is the seat padded?

No – the chair is designed to be comfortable enough without padding, and the lack of cushions helps to make it easy to clean.

Baby Bjorn high chair opened out in a living room setting

Can you get the child in and out easily?

The tray is folded down in order to get the child in and out. This is a simple, one-handed operation once you get the hang of it, but I didn’t find it totally intuitive, because a different combination of buttons is used to fold the tray upwards for storage.

This is worth bearing in mind if you're leaving someone else to feed the child, as they’d need to be able to whisk them out of the chair quickly in an emergency. With the tray folded down, the child feels a little precarious in the shallow seat, so you need to keep one hand on them while moving the tray and doing up the harness. Again, this becomes easier with practice.

Is there adequate support for the child?

I initially couldn’t believe there was enough depth in the seat for my daughter to even fit into it, and she did look strangely perched in the chair, but the snug-fitting tray and curved backrest held her in an upright posture and the footrest was at a good level for her. Now that she’s a bit older, she perhaps doesn’t need (or want) quite this degree of support; we used a Bumbo when first weaning her, and the BabyBjörn provides a similar level of structure which is really helpful when feeding a child who can only just sit unaided.

White tray being lifted off BabyBjorn high chair

Is it easy to clean?

The chair is the easiest I’ve come across to clean – something you really appreciate when you’re constantly clearing up. Its smooth, curved shape and lack of nooks and crannies makes it very easy to wipe down; plus the close-fitting tray means very little food ends up on the seat in the first place.

When not in use, the harness stands slightly proud of the seat, helping to keep it out of the way as you clean, and it sits low on the child, meaning it steers clear of soup splashes. The tray has a cover that pops off easily and can go in the dishwasher (and as it’s not very big, it doesn’t take up the whole shelf).

Baby Bjorn folded for storage

Is it easy to store?

It’s light (5kg) and easy to carry from one room to another. With the legs closed (or popped off) and the tray folded, the chair is only 26cm wide, making it extremely neat for storage and very easy to transport for holidays – it would be especially good for camping trips.

Are there any accessories available for purchase?

No. It’s a simple but comprehensive product, with no additional bells and whistles required.

Overall star ratings for BabyBjörn High Chair

Ease of assembly 4.5/5
Comfort for child 4/5
Ease of cleaning 5/5
Safety and security 4/5
Ease of storage 5/5
Value for money 3.5/5

Overall score: 4.3/5

Buy now from Baby Bjorn (£204.99)

Product specifications

The high chair can be used once a child can sit unsupported, from six months to approximately three years.

Size capacity:
Maximum weight 15 kg
Maximum height 95 cm

Weight: 5 kg
Unfolded height: 83 cm
Folded dimensions: 89 x 44 x 25 cm

BPA-free plastic and painted steel.

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