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Oribel Cocoon high chair

Pros: easy to assemble, height adjustable, adjusts as the child grows, tray included
Cons: high back, it doesn't fold completely for storage, a bit expensive

Overall score: 3.8/5

Buy from:
Amazon (£144.99)
Mothercare (£155)

Until I tried this high chair, I wasn't familiar with Oribel – a brand devised by self-professed tech geeks who develop toys and baby gear. The design for the Oribel cocoon high chair is inspired by the butterfly, designed to grow with your baby. The chair changes from a cosy recliner suitable for newborns to a seat allowing your child to join in at the dining table. The price positions this chair at the higher end of the market.

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What are your first impressions of the Oribel Cocoon?

The chair is quite big, but the design is a lot of fun, with a futuristic feel about it. I was also quite pleased by the fact you can use the chair at a breakfast bar or dining table. The snug newborn setting is also a positive.

Oribel high chair in pieces waiting to be assembled

Is the Oribel Cocoon easy to assemble?

It is super-easy to assemble, with no tools required. You only need to click all the parts into place.

What age is the Oribel Cocoon suitable for?

This high chair can be used from newborn up to 3 years old.

How secure is the high chair?

The Oribel Cocoon is very stable, even with a bouncy child. The frame is built with strong, durable materials.

Baby secured in an Oribel Cocoon high chair

What is the safety harness like?

The safety harness feels very secure and is easy to adjust.

How big is the tray and is it a good height for the child?

One thing that stood out when comparing with other high chairs is the size of the tray as it is quite big. It can be removed and put away on the back of the chair without much effort.

Is the high chair adjustable?

The high chair can be adjusted to six height positions and three reclining positions for newborns. It fits a standard dining table height and kitchen worktop or breakfast bar.

Oribel Cocoon high chair at a breakfast bar

What is its footprint?

The Cocoon is not on the compact side, with a footprint of 52cm x 73cm. It felt quite bulky in the kitchen and dining area, even when the tray was put away. The chair is foldable, but it is still quite big when folded, making it harder to store it away neatly.

What is the overall quality of the high chair?

It is a very high quality chair, the materials are well made and once assembled, the chair felt very sturdy and built to last.

Is it comfortable for the child?

As a seat for keeping baby in the kitchen while cooking or pottering about, it offers a good level of comfort. The newborn setting is great, and very snug, ideal for those first months. However, when eating, my child (aged six months) was slouching a bit, so it didn't seem too comfortable.

Is the seat padded?

The seat is not padded, but it's soft. A seat liner is available for purchase separately, but the chair seemed cosy enough without it.

Baby reclining in Oribel high chair

Can you get the child in and out easily?

The harness is very easy to undo, and there was no struggle to put the baby in and out.

Is there adequate support for the child?

I felt that the shape of the chair encouraged slouching, but that was when using it with a six-month-old baby. It probably supports older children better.

Is it easy to clean?

The tray is very easy to clean and the seat material is easily wipeable. My only issue is that, on occasion, when feeding got messy, food could go through the harness holes.

Is it easy to store?

The Cocoon doesn't fold completely but the footprint can be reduced and the tray put away for storage.

Oribel high chair side on on a white background

Are there any accessories available?

The chair comes with all the equipment needed from newborn up to 3 years old. The only accessory available for purchasing separately is a seat liner, which though not essential, can add a bit more fun to the chair.

Are there any special features?

The chair comes with a small tray with cup holder, which can be used at the relevant stage of feeding. If your child is not using the large tray, it makes quite a handy place to put a baby's bowl and cup.

Star ratings for Oribel Cocoon high chair

Ease of assembly 5/5
Comfort for child 4/5
Ease of cleaning 4/5
Safety and security 5/5
Ease of storage 1/5
Value for money 4/5

Overall star rating: 3.8/5

Buy from:
Amazon (£144.99)
Mothercare (£155)

Product specifications

Age: Newborn to 3 years

Dimensions: height 106cm, width 50cm, depth 81cm

Seat recline options: 3

Seat height options: 6

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