Have you previously tried to follow a diet but found it hard to stick to? Perhaps you've managed to lose weight but struggled to keep it off? This pattern can be frustrating – if it sounds familiar, our Healthy Diet Plan could be for you.


Our flexitarian, vegetarian and vegan plans can be used to help you steadily lose weight while meeting all your nutritional needs . There's no tiny portions or entire food groups cut out, all you need to do is pick meals to suit your goals. Read on to find out why you should give it go.

Sign up to the Healthy Diet Plan, and discover the benefits of exercise on mental health, six tips to make the most of the plans and how diet affects your mood.

1. Time-saving recipes

Clever tricks, judicious use of leftovers and plenty of simple dishes means you won’t spend all your time cooking. With some of our recipes, you’ll cook extra and transform the leftovers into a different dish for another day.

2. Everyday ingredients

From brown rice and canned tomatoes to colourful fresh fruit and frozen prawns – you won’t find any hard-to-find ingredients in our recipes. You should be able to get everything you need from the supermarket – we’ve even pulled them together in a handy shopping list to save you time.

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3. Nutritionist approved

Each day of the plan has been formulated to ensure you hit your recommended calorie intake and macro-nutrient levels (fibre, protein and fats). With a minimum of five portions of fruit and veg a day, and well over the suggested target of 30 plant foods a week, you’ll be packing in all the vitamins and minerals you need.

4. Eat well, feel better

As well as hitting the usual dietary targets, we’ve added in bonus healthy ingredients like gut-healthy pre- and probiotic foods, wholegrains, oily fish and more. These foods are associated with better digestion, a stronger immune system and even improved energy levels and mental well-being. Combine with exercise for the best chance of feeling your best.

5. Thoroughly tested Good Food recipes

We know it’s important the recipes in our plans taste great, as well as making you feel great, that’s why we got our food team on the case. Every dish is triple-tested for ease and flavour.

6. Bonus content from our experts on how to feel your very best

While we know it all starts in the kitchen, there are many more important lifestyle factors that influence how you feel. To help you feel supported in your health journey, our nutritionists have pulled together tips on how to sleep better, cut back on sugar, get active, improve your gut health, support your immunity and much more.

7. We’re here for you

If you have any questions about the Healthy Diet Plan or a specific recipe, you can ask us a question in the comments at any time. Our team will endeavour to get back to you, so you never have to feel in the dark about your health.

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