One week of low-waste family meals

Try our week of tasty family meals designed to use up ingredients and cut down food waste – so nothing will be left to languish in the fridge

We’re always looking for more ways to reduce food waste and make better use of our ingredients. It’s heartbreaking to find a forgotten portion of something that’s been stuffed at the back of the fridge and left to go mouldy. Well, no more! Meal planning is a great way to ensure everything gets used up, from fresh veggies to herbs and seasoning. Our week-long list of easy meals ensures you won’t be buying special ingredients that only get used in one recipe.


Monday – Green bean, chickpea & feta salad

This summery salad makes for a satisfying veggie supper you can plate up in just 15 minutes. The chunks of salty feta cheese pair perfectly with the sweet roasted red peppers and tangy sundried tomatoes. This dish is a medley of flavours you’ll want to make again and again. The only downside to this recipe is that we guarantee you won’t have any leftovers!

Tuesday – Thyme roast cod & panzanella salad

This elegant supper wouldn’t look out of place on any restaurant menu. Keep it colourful with a vibrant panzanella salad with chunks of sourdough bread and fresh heritage tomatoes. You can roast the garlic and sourdough croutons the day before if you want to get ahead. You could also make a veggie version by using the panzanella salad with feta crumbled on top.

Wednesday – Italian stuffed courgettes

Take just 10 minutes to prep these gloriously green Italian stuffed courgettes. These oven-baked beauties are stuffed with pine nuts, breadcrumbs, herbs and the sundried tomatoes from Monday’s salad, plus thyme leaves from Tuesday’s cod. With a golden-brown crisp topping and a sprinkling of parmesan, this veg dish is low in calories but certainly doesn’t taste it. It’s also versatile – try adding any veggies from the fridge that might go to waste.

Thursday – Squash & chorizo stew

Add some heat to your midweek meals with our squash and chorizo stew. Our simple five-ingredient meal uses chunky squash, slices of spicy chorizo and a couple of clever ready-made additions. Make this two-step wonder for a super simple dinner to satisfy the family. You’ll be adding this into your regular repertoire in no time. Try experimenting with adding a teaspoon of paprika for an extra layer of aromatic spice.

Friday – Chicken nacho one-pot

Let no chorizo go unused with this cheesy nacho chicken one-pot recipe. Take a humble dish of nachos to the next level with smashed avocado, jalapeños and tender chicken pieces. This is a true crowd-pleaser and perfect for a night when you’re craving a takeaway. Serve with a dollop of creamy soured cream for a delicious help-yourself-style dinner. We predict you’ll never go back to boring basic cheesy nachos.

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