Check out the London Marathon's training and meal plans. Don't have a spot to run this year? You can still take part with the virtual event London Marathon MyWay – join up for your chance to run 26.2 miles on marathon day, 21st April 2024.


Your complete four week plan...

Four weeks to go...


Food to boost performance and your longest run yet

With just four weeks to go, your training should peak this week. Aim to run on Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday for 50 minutes each time, before completing your longest run (around 20 miles) on Sunday. Use this as a dress rehearsal for the marathon and let the excitement build!

Your nutrition guides for this week...

Three weeks to go…


Nail your nutrition and begin to reduce long runs

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After your longest run last week, you’ll want to start reducing your run times now to conserve energy for the big day. Aim for 40 minutes on Tuesday and Wednesday, 50 minutes on Friday and 90 minutes on Sunday. Don't be tempted to do more or you risk being sore and tired on the start line.

Your nutrition guides for this week...

Two weeks to go…


Continue to taper and eat right on rest days

As the taper continues, turn your attention to optimising your nutrition on easy training days. Aim to run for 30 mins on Tuesday and Friday, 40 mins on Wednesday, and 70 mins maximum on Sunday.

Your nutrition guides for this week...

One week to go…


Seven days to success

Take the guesswork out of meal times with our seven day marathon meal plans, and get inspired by Paula Radcliffe and Michel Roux Jr's top tips for race day. Keep training to a minimum, The London Marathon experts recommend 20 mins on Tuesday, 30 mins on Wednesday and 10 mins on Friday – and use any spare time to rest and relax.

Your nutrition guides for this week...

Two days to go...


Load up on carbs and plan ahead

If you’re following a carb-loading strategy, now’s the time to start upping your intake. To ensure you arrive at the start line in a serene state, plan your pre-race breakfast, transport arrangements, and lay out your clean kit so it's all to hand.

Your nutrition guides for the last two days...

Race day


Ready, get set, go!

Don't introduce anything new at this point – stick to foods that you know work for you. Once you're triumphantly past the finishing line, recovery begins – read our top tips to rest, repair, rehydrate and refuel. Good luck!

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