How to put on a party

Putting on a bit of a do? Our guide to party planning covers everything from storecupboard canapé ideas to advice for coping with the morning after.

How to put on a bit of a do


Catering for a crowd can feel daunting whether it’s a wedding, christening or just a big birthday. Here are our tips and ideas so you can keep calm and carry on cooking…

Top 10 storecupboard canapé ideas

If you’ve got friends popping in for drinks, we’ve got the staples you’ll need to throw together a few nibbles quick smart.
What dishes should you bring to a party?

Heading over to a friend’s house? Make sure you don’t ring the doorbell empty-handed and take one of our perfect portable dishes.
A guide to classic cocktails

Get the party swinging with our guide to help you find the perfect tipple.
Top 10 dinner party tips

Ten ways to make the most of your dinner party talents and make entertaining easier…
How to cure a hangover


Greasy breakfast, bowl of porridge, can of coke or something else completely? We go in search of the best hangover cure.