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How to make a cheesecake with half the fat

Have your cake and eat it with Angela Nilsen's low calorie cheesecake: half the fat but just as delicious.

The humble cheesecake is joining other heritage desserts and experiencing somewhat of a revival at the moment as it graces the dessert menus of top end restaurants.


Combining two favourite (over) indulgences: cake and cheese, it’s deceptively easy to make and with the help of a few elaborate swirls or inventive toppings looks every bit the pro pud.

But, as with all delicious desserts, there is of course a down side: all the cholesterol and calories lurking in that creamy filling.

Fear not; challenging the old adage that ‘you can’t have your cake and eat it,’ Angela Nilsen has once again worked her magic and transformed the classic New York cheesecake into a dessert with just half the fat.

A standard New York cheesecake weighs in at 40g of fat but with a few clever swaps and calorie-cutting tips Angela has trimmed the figure down to just 15g per slice.

Here’s how she did it:

  • In order to reduce the fat, the base is a much thinner crust and full fat digestive biscuits were swapped for a reduced fat version.
  • Angela replaced the full fat soft cheese of a traditional cheesecake with a light soft cheese.
  • Instead of spooning in rich sour cream she used healthy fromage frais as a substitute instead.
  • By using only whole eggs rather than both whole eggs and yolks, Angela reduced the fat and cholesterol from the unnecessary extras.
  • Finally, to reduce the sugar content she cut sugar both from the base and in the filling too.

The result was a rich, velvety, traditional New York cheesecake with all the decadent flavour of the full-fat version.

If you’re looking for a healthier dessert for a special occasion this summer, why not join the great cheesecake revival and try a lighter version? Let us know your calorie saving swaps and tips too.


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