How to buy the best this Christmas

How to buy the best this Christmas

This year, we taste-tested hundreds of supermarket products to bring you the ultimate best buy list for Christmas 2014. So what should you be devouring during December? Read on to find our favourite shop-bought main courses, festive desserts, mince pies, starters and canapés and gluten-free options.

Best starters and canapés


Clever bites, budget salmon and more in our rundown of the best party food. 

Best main course picks 

Everything you need to give your main Christmas meal the edge, including stuffing, ham, alternative roasts, veggie options… and a cockerel cushion. 

Best mince pies

Our five favourite cheat’s mince pies for last-minute, pre-party trolley dashes. 

Best desserts

Christmas puddings, choux bun wreaths, stylish chocolate logs and much more in our selection of sensational sweets. 

Best gluten-free options

Versions of classics catering for those following a gluten-free diet. 


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