The provenance of the hot cross bun is up for debate, but they were first referenced in the Oxford English Dictionary in 1733. That’s almost three centuries of bun-making lineage, so we think it’s time for a shake-up. We’ve created ten ways to flip the classic hot cross bun on its head, from new flavours to exciting baking mash-ups.


Learn the basics by watching our video on how to make hot cross buns, then get ready to experiment...

1. Next level hot cross buns


Make your buns the best they can be with a few special ingredients and hacks. The buttery dough is left to develop overnight for a deeper flavour. Cardamom adds floral citrussy notes and cranberries bring a bright sourness.

Next level hot cross buns

2. Hot cross cinnamon buns


Combine sweet, sticky cinnamon swirls with all the beautiful fruit and spice of hot cross buns. These moreish bakes are topped with a velvety cream cheese frosting for extra decadence.

Hot cross cinnamon buns

3. Cheesy hot cross buns


Traditionalists look away now – we’ve replaced raisins and mixed peel with cheddar and parmesan for a soup-dunkingly delicious bun. Experiment with the cheese, we think red leicester or lincolnshire poacher would taste great too.

Cheesy hot cross buns

4. Hot cross bun cupcakes


Our favourite thing about these hot cross bun-shaped sponges is that the traditional cross is made from spiced buttercream frosting. The novelty factor would make them a nice addition to a childrens' Easter party spread.

Hot cross bun cupcakes

5. Chocolate checkerboard hot cross buns


Bored of just one type of hot cross bun on your tray? Try our amazing alternating flavours for an impressive looking checkerboard effect. Simply split one batch of dough to make dark chocolate orange and white chocolate cherry buns. Once you've tried these chocolatey treats, you won't want to go back to the original.

Chocolate checkerboard hot cross buns

6. Hot cross cookies


If you’re not comfortable kneading bread dough, these cookies should suit you a little better. The cross is made from melted white chocolate – you can’t get much simpler than that.

Hot cross cookies

7. Chocolate chip hot cross buns


If you’re in the anti-raisin camp, omit them from your Easter buns and replace with the safer option of chocolate chips. This recipe has been written with young cooks in mind, so if you’re looking to keep children busy over the Easter break, the lure of warm chocolate bread should have them reaching for the mini apron.

Chocolate chip hot cross buns

8. Hot cross bun ring with spiced honey butter


The puritanical side of us advocates nothing more than a generous daubing of butter on a hot cross bun, but we’d compromise for a flavoured butter. Our decorative wreath is served with spiced honey butter with cinnamon and ginger, but golden syrup, treacle, maple syrup or agave would work just as well as a sweetening agent. When it comes to spice, we’d choose nutmeg, saffron or cardamom.

Hot cross bun ring with spiced honey butter

9. Hot cross bread & lemon pudding


If you’ve gone overboard with your quantities and have a surplus of buns about to go stale, use them up in an economical recipe. This zesty bake is a spring-friendly spin on the traditional bread and butter pudding – serve to round off an Easter Sunday lunch.

Hot cross bread & lemon pudding

10. Spiced French toast

spiced french toast

Any kind of bread can be used for French toast, and hot cross buns are no exception. Start the long weekend with this breakfast recipe. Serve with mugs of hot coffee, a pile of newspapers and the satisfying sense of bank holiday relaxation.

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