Traditional simnel cake is packed with zesty fruit and topped with apricot jam and marzipan. If you're a fan of these classic flavours, you'll love our fun twists on this Easter favourite. Once you've learned how to make an Easter egg and tried our fun egg decorating ideas, turn your hand to our favourite simnel sweet treats.


Our next level simnel cake recipes turn this brilliant bake into moreish muffins, shareable buns and even a terrific tipple. Capture the flavours of the season in one of our sensational spring recipes.

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1. Simnel share 'n' tear buns

Simnel buns with icing, fruit and nuts

If you're a fan of a warm Chelsea bun with your morning coffee, you'll love our simnel share 'n' tear buns. Combine all the best bits from a traditional simnel cake, a fruity Chelsea bun and hot cross bun spices and you have the ultimate ingenius Easter bake. Serve warm from the oven for an incredible breakfast treat. Want to get the kids involved in the kitchen? Try our super simnel muffins, topped with colourful mini eggs.

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2. Simnel cake sour

Cocktail with marzipan garnish

Need an Easter cockail to kick-off your celebrations? Look no further than our simnel cake sour. It uses sweet, almond-flavoured amaretto, fresh orange juice and a sprinkling of cinnamon, mixed spice and ginger for an irresistible dinnertime tipple. It's simnel cake in a glass. Garnish with a ball of lightly toasted marzipan for an authentic final flourish. Planning a boozy brunch or a dinner over the Easter holidays? Discover our best Easter cocktails for more creative drink ideas.

3. Lemon drizzle simnel slices

Drizzle slice with marzipan topping

Sharp lemon drizzle meets sweet and spiced simnel in our lemon drizzle simnel slices. This easy Easter traybake is the best of both worlds and it's simple to serve up if you're entertaining. Expect a gloriously rich bake with plenty of fruity flavours. Ideal served with a cup of tea or post-dinner drink.Want to try even more luscious lemony bakes? Check out our lemon cake collection for more mouth-watering recipes.

4. Simnel cherry tart

Cherry tart with marzipan on top

Fill your kitchen with more marvellous mash-up recipes in the form of our simnel cherry tart. Cross a fruity simnel cake with a Bakewell slice for a sensational teatime slice. Layers of tart cherry jam, a golden biscuity base, sweet marzipan and soft sponge make this an instant crowd-pleaser. Want a simplified version you can make with just five ingredients? Use up a sheet of ready-rolled puff pastry and make our simple simnel tart.

5. Simnel Battenberg cake

Battenberg cake with marzipan icing

Does your kitchen table need a pop of colour? Make our simnel Battenberg cake for a pretty pastel-coloured British classic. This beautiful bake uses light sponge sandwiched with apricot jam and wrapped in a layer of marzipan. It's well worth the effort and assembly time. You could even try blowtorching the marzipan balls for added effect.

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