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What do professional athletes eat? From basketball and hockey to volleyball and athletics, the sporting elite share their daily diets, nutrition tips and fitness secrets for staying on top form...

Eat like an athlete – Jonathan and Alistair Brownlee


The Brownlee brothers are unstoppable champions who have been steadily amassing a horde of Olympic, Commonwealth and Triathlon medals. So what do legends of the road, bike and water eat to stay on top? 
Eat like Jonathan and Alistair Brownlee

Eat like an athlete – Sally Gunnell

Olympic legend Sally Gunnell broke numerous records during her athletics career and is now one of the best-loved names in British sport. We asked Sally to divulge her training diet, guilty food pleasures and top tips for aspiring athletes…
Eat like Sally Gunnell

Eat like an athlete – Jessica Ennis-Hill

What does an Olympic heroine eat for breakfast? We caught up with Jessica Ennis-Hill to find out what her daily diet looks like, her top tips for the amateur athlete and how she rewards herself when competition season is over…
Eat like Jessica Ennis-Hill

Eat like an athlete – Keri-Anne Payne

Marathon open water swimming star, Keri-Anne Payne knows how important it is to eat a balanced diet. Here she shares her tips for training, a passion for cooking and a love of American pancakes…
Eat like Keri-Anne Payne

Eat like an athlete – Mo Farah

What does a double Olympic champion eat to stay on top? Long distance gold medallist Mo Farah divulges his training diet, tips for aspiring runners and a healthy love of burgers…
Eat like Mo Farah

Eat like an athlete – Christine Ohuruogu

Christine Ohuruogu won a silver medal in the 400 metres at the London Olympics in 2012. She stays energised by eating plenty of carbs, lean meat and veg, but isn’t shy of an English breakfast and a slice or two of cake…
Eat like Christine Ohuruogu

Eat like an athlete – Katie Summerhayes

​Katie Summerhayes is a freestyle skier from Sheffield. Sports journalist Sue Mott asks her about the daily diet of a professional sports woman and how she keeps energy levels up whilst out on the chilly slopes…
Eat like Katie Summerhayes

Eat like an athlete – Charley Hull

Charley Hull won her first golf championship aged 9 and has since represented Britain and Ireland in national tournaments, as well as competing in the British Ladies Open.
Eat like Charley Hull

Eat like an athlete – Charlotte Dujardin

Double Olympic champion Charlotte Dujardin speaks to sports journalist Sue Mott about food indulgences, healthy eating and her favourite meal…
Eat like Charlotte Dujardin

Eat like an athlete – Liz Blatchford

So what does a multi-sport, professional athlete eat to keep herself fighting fit? British triathlete Liz Blatchford gives us a sneak peak into her daily diet…
Eat like Liz Blatchford

Eat like an athlete – Alex Danson

Star striker of GB hockey, Alex Danson tells us how she stays on top form as a vegetarian athlete…
Eat like Alex Danson

Eat like an athlete – Nathan French

Volleyball star Nathan French shares his nutrition tips for training and tells us why he loves kiwi fruit and British pub grub…
Eat like Nathan French

Eat like an athlete – Stef Collins

Basketball star, Stef Collins shares her tips for eating to stay on top athletic form…
Eat like Stef Collins

Eat like an athlete – Beth Storry

Women’s hockey goalkeeper and foodie enthusiast, Beth Storry shares with us the key to sticking to your exercise regime and her love for making food from scratch…
Eat like Beth Storry

Eat like an athlete – Kieron Achara

Basketball star, Kieron Achara shares his top tips for training and the benefit of ‘cheat days’…
Eat like Kieron Achara

Eat like an athlete – Kat Driscoll

Trampolinist Kat Driscoll divulges her daily diet, which includes a love of tea and malt loaf…
Eat like Kat Driscoll

Eat like an athlete – Beckie Herbert

England hockey forward, Beckie Herbert shows us how to get all the nutrients we need for sport and explains the importance of keeping diets varied and fun…
Eat like Beckie Herbert

Eat like an athlete – Lisa Dobriskey

Middle distance athlete Lisa Dobriskey came away with a silver medal during her Olympic debut in 2008. Here Lisa shares a love of chocolate, the benefits of ostrich steak and her tips for staying on top.
Eat like Lisa Dobriskey

Eat like an athlete – Ben Hall

Ben Hall represented Team GB at the 2012 Paralympics, playing in the sitting volleyball team. Here Ben gives us a run down of his daily diet and training tips…
Eat like Ben Hall

Eat like an athlete – Sharon Vennard

Sharon Vennard is part of the Team GB archery squad and made her debut in the Paralympics in 2012. Here Sharon shares her favourite food indulgences and stresses the importance of following a balanced diet…
Eat like Sharon Vennard

Eat like an athlete – James Roberts

James Roberts originally started his athletic career as a swimmer and rower before joining the sitting volleyball team, with whom he represented Great Britain at the 2012 Paralympics. Here James shares his love of food and his top tips for training…
Eat like James Roberts

Eat like an athlete – Ross Wilson

Ross Wilson first discovered a love of table tennis on a family holiday and has gone on to represent Team GB at London’s 2012 Paralympics, winning a bronze medal. Here Ross gives us an insight into his daily diet and favourite indulgences…
Eat like Ross Wilson

Eat like an athlete – Aileen McGlynn

Aileen McGlynn is a tandem cyclist who was awarded an OBE in 2009 and went on to win a silver medal at the London 2012 Paralympics. We asked the athlete for her nutrition and training tips along with the foods she finds hard to resist…
Eat like Aileen McGlynn

Eat like an athlete – Craig MacLean


Scottish track cyclist Craig MacLean is one of only a few athletes to have won medals in both the Olympic and the Paralympic games, where he took part as an able-bodied pilot. We talk to Craig about his training diet and how a diagnosis of coeliac disease in 2009 changed the way he ate for his sport…
Eat like Craig MacLean