What is your typical daily diet when training for a big event?


Good nutrition for me is about fuelling my body for optimum performance. On a normal day my diet will look something like this:

Breakfast (6:30am): I have a light breakfast when I’m training this early. Partly because I don’t want to feel full during my workout but also because I’m not really in the mood for food at this time in the morning. Breakfast might be yogurt with nuts and fruit. I usually go to the gym first thing and do weights and strengthening exercises and run in the afternoon.

I'll also have a midmorning snack of a protein bar or shake. This is very important to aid recovery after a session. I also eat plenty of fruit throughout the day.

Lunch (1pm): I usually have a light lunch such as salad or lots of vegetables with lean meat. Including protein is important to help recovery. Again I don’t want to feel too full.

I usually have a rest after lunch, before the afternoon running session. In the winter I find this hard work as it’s cold, I’m often training in the dark and it’s painful. I love it in the summer though. I much prefer a warmer climate.

Dinner: I allow myself a fairly big dinner with plenty of carbs such as quinoa or couscous with some meat and vegetables. I reduce the amount of carbohydrate I have during the season though.

I like to cook from scratch so I know exactly what I’m eating. I’m usually exhausted by the time I get home so a few days a week I will cook a large amount and store it in the freezer for following nights. That way I don’t get tempted into the easy option of a takeaway.

How do you stay hydrated?

Lots of water throughout the day and low sugar sports drinks. I try not to drink anything fizzy or full of sugar and colourings that are bad for my teeth.


What’s your trusted snack for an energy boost?

Lots of fruit throughout the day and protein bars or shakes inbetween training.

When competition season is over what are your favourite food indulgences?

Oh I have lots of guilty pleasures. I have to be so disciplined that I tend to go a bit wild when I’m unleashed! I don’t drink but I love cake. I have a really sweet tooth.

I also love a full English breakfast with the works and milkshakes!

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