Christmas portion planner

For many people Christmas dinner is the biggest food event of the year so think big when it comes to portions and even bigger if you want leftovers for Boxing Day. What you don’t want though is mountains of food waste, so it’s good to get a handle on the amount of food you think you’ll eat...

Not sure how much food to buy? We've calculated the quantities for you below. All the weights are given prior to preparation and cooking, simply multiply by the number of guests you've got coming. 

If you've got big eaters, want leftovers or have a smallish number of people (4 - 6), then go for the higher of the two amounts for meat and roast potatoes. Print out this page, fill in your quantities and take it shopping.


 Food typePer personMy total
TurkeyTurkey (on the bone)500g – 675g 
Roast potatoesRoast potatoes225g – 250g 
Stuffing balls Stuffing balls2 – 3 
Chipolatas wrapped in baconChipolatas in bacon2 – 3 
Brussels sproutsBrussels sprouts75g 
Bread sauceBread sauce75g 
Cranberry sauceCranberry sauce50g 




All quantities are based on adult-sized portions.

We suggest 225g (3 x 75g) total vegetables per person. If you’re doing more than 3 vegetables you can reduce the weight of individual ones.

If budget is tight, big up the sausages, stuffing balls and veg, and go easy on the turkey – 450g per person.